Wonderful Home Remedies for Long Eyelashes

Many women want to have thick and long eyelashes as it’s often considered a sign of beauty in today’s world. Many ladies also want to avoid using various products that include harsh chemicals, such as toxic glues to attach fake eyelashes to eyelids, which often fall out anyway. Another issue can be harsh chemicals in mascaras bought in stores. The good news is that there are home treatments you can use to help your eyelashes grow faster and become thicker naturally. They help to avoid strong chemicals that can cause new health issues that you probably want to avoid.

Wonderful Home Remedies for Long Eyelashes

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Treating from Lids to Lashes

One way to boost the growth of your eyelashes is to massage your eyelids. You might be surprised to learn that it can help to treat eyelashes. This is helpful as it will activate the eyelashes’ hair follicles. Make sure to massage the eyelids gently. If you follow this basic yet effective step on a regular basis, you’ll soon see a big different in the length of your eyelashes. Make sure not to be too rough on your eyelids, in order to avoid damaging your eye. If you follow these basic steps you can enjoy healthier eyelashes.

Keep it Green

Studies have shown that green tea can provide many health benefits. However, you might be surprised to learn that they can also benefit eyelashes. After preparing some green tea let it cool down. Then use a cotton ball to wipe it over your eyelashes. The green tea’s caffeine as well as its flavonoids will help to maintain the lashes that already exist, and also help to promote new growth of your eyelashes.

Keep It Natural (Oil)

You can use one of many natural oils to help your lashes grow to be longer. The natural oils will also help to moisturize your eyelashes. Some options include olive, avocado, coconut, linen, sweet almond, rosehip, sesame, etc. The process is easy. Just soak a little oil on a cotton ball. Then wipe it over your eyelashes before you go to sleep at night. Wash off the oil in the morning. The natural oil will help to moisturize, nourish and help your lashes to grow stronger and healthier.

Brushing: Beyond Hair and Teeth

While brushing hair and teeth are common, how about eyelashes? Brushing the lashes will help to remove any bits of dust and dirt that have built up in your lashes. Besides that it will also help to provide better blood supply to the eyelashes. You can purchase tiny eyelash combs that are designed for the task. Make sure to brush your eyelashes every day. That will help to make them to grow thicker and longer.

Awesome Aloe Vera

Today it seems that Aloe Vera can treat just about any skin and hair problem. It can also help to treat your eyelashes in order to help them grow stronger and longer. This is an effective home remedy. Add some Aloe Vera gel (fresh) directly to your eyelashes before you sleep at night. Make sure to use a mascara wand (clean), and apply the gel as you would add mascara. Aloe Vera is helpful because of the vitamins and nutrients it contains. This will help your eyelashes to grow faster and stronger.

Vitamin E: Not Just for Skin    

You probably are aware that Vitamin E provides many benefits for treating skin, such as blemishes. However, it can also help hair and eyelashes to grow thicker as well. The process is very easy. Just break open a few Vitamin E capsules and add them to your eyelashes using a brush. That will help to add nutrients to your eyelashes and also make them thicker. One of the key benefits of this home remedy is that you can purchase an entire bottle of Vitamin E capsules, which can provide a long-term supply that will benefit various aspects of your health. So it’s a good investment not only for your eyelashes but also for your general health.

Food for Thought

Yet another effective way to improve your eyelashes’ health is by eating well-balanced meals that are full of vitamins and nutrients. This will help your eyelashes to grow thicker, stronger, and longer. Like hair, eyelashes need enough vitamins and minerals in order for them to grow. Make sure to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. This will help your eyelashes to grow faster. Also, you should avoid unhealthy foods such as those that are high in sugar, fat, and salt. That will help to avoid health problems that could affect your eyelash growth.

Keeping It Real

One of the most effective ways to have long and full eyelashes is to not use fake eyelashes. The reason is that using extensions or fake eyelashes might provide quick results to your problem. However, in the long term it will damage your lashes more. In addition, when you remove the fake lashes you might remove some of the real eyelashes, which is another situation you likely want to avoid. The bottom line is that it’s best to not use any fake lashes. An alternative is to only use such lashes when you need to, such as for a special event. Besides that you should arguably try to grow thick and long lashes naturally.

A related technique is to remove all of your makeup before you go to sleep at night. The reason is the longer your lashes don’t have makeup on them, the better they’ll be able to grow. Before you go to bed at night make sure to remove all makeup on your eyes. That will give your eyelashes the ability to breathe more. An even better option is to remove all your makeup when you get home at nighttime. This will give your eyelashes even more time to breathe, and thus recover from a day of being covered in makeup.

If you want long and full eyelashes, the above-mentioned home remedies are some of the best ones available. They provide the lashes you want without unwanted side-effects.

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