When Hair Myths Are Simply Myths

Haven’t you heard a lot of tales about your hair lately from other people? Don’t they tell you to avoid doing something because it is bad? How far have you believed them?

How Myths Spread

Sometimes people believe what other people tell them. The reason why some of it feels like it is true is because the other party talks about it based on their own experience. However, this is their own experience, not yours. When it comes to hair, every person has a genetic makeup that makes it different and apart from others. Take for example the different hair types. There are normal hair, which has just the right amount of moisture; the oily hair, which obviously tells about having too much oil on it; and the dry hair, which is also pretty obvious. When a normal hair type tells you to avoid doing things that they think can damage your hair based on their experience, it will actually have a different effect on you, particularly if you have a different hair type. This is where common hair myths have come from. But most of them are actually just made up because they think it feels real.

Common Hair Myths

You’ve seen shampoo commercials where ladies perform a hundred brush strokes, leading to a fuller and shinier hair. But hair experts say that this is actually damaging to your hair. Brushing your hair constantly in that frequency can break your healthy hairs apart and even scratches your scalp. You only need to brush that much when you apply some styling, not as a way to stimulate your scalp.

Hair Myths

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Here’s another myth – black hair is much stronger compared to blonde hair. This belief is particularly widespread among the African Americans. But despite this belief, black hair is considered one of the weakest. There is even the rumor that beading and braiding can make it grow longer quickly, which is not even true. Tight beads and braids can actually damage your hair. But there is no exception to this – stress falls out your hair. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but their stress can put a lot of heavy toll on the hair. All the follicles of your hair go through a period of periodic rest. When the sudden stress hits the body, it will affect them by entering their resting period prematurely, which is why some people tend to lose hair a lot. Hair growth restores this particular event naturally, but it is your responsibility to learn on dealing with stress. You should also seek out professional help in order to rule out hormonal imbalance, side effects from drugs or any underlying disease.

Did you hear that shaving the head of a newborn will prevent them from getting bald in the future? Baldness that occurs mostly on men are actually inherited genetically. If the father experience hair loss earlier than anticipated, their sons are highly likely to have that trait as well. The truth is that the hair grows faster during the summer season. The reason to this is due to the warm weather. The climate can actually stimulate the blood circulation of the body, which boosts the follicle activity of the skin and increases hair growth rate.

What You Should Really Believe in

Do hair shampoo commercials really tell you truth? You shouldn’t be. Some of the things they say is only a part of the truth, and the untrained masses take it most by its literal sense. Only the most curious of minds will be able to know the truth about what makes hair the way it is.

The best advice on how to take care of your hair is from hair experts such as the dermatologists. They rarely recommend you to use a particular product that will make your hair look its best. Most of the ways they share with you are natural habits that you can develop on your own. When you hear rumors about hair care that you find quite confusing, don’t hesitate to share it with them and they will tell you the answer.

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