Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Damaging It

Not everyone has been gifted with the kind of hair they want. Some people want to have straight hair. There are others who want to have wavy hair and others want to have curly hair. Curling a person’s hair is great way to give it some volume. There lots of ways to curl our hair. There are hair treatments that require the use of heat and chemicals. It may be a good way to get curls that last for a few months but regularly resorting to these treatments will eventually damage your hair.

But do not worry because there lots of different ways that you can try to make sexy looking curls on your hair the natural way. Aside from getting the curls that you want, you are also freeing yourself from the harmful effects of heat and chemicals like dandruff, allergies, dry hair and so on. If you want to know what these methods are, then continue reading so that you can start curling your hair the natural way.

Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Damaging It

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Method Number One: Braids

Of all the methods there are, there is no doubt that braiding your hair is the easiest way to get curly hair. For small and tight curls, braid small sections of your hair while it is still wet and leave it as it is overnight. When you are ready to see the results the next day, you simply need to un-braid it. Be warned though that washing your hair after un-braiding is not recommended because you’ll also be washing away the curls.

If you want to have the glamorous red carpet big curls, you can still follow the same instructions. But to make the curls bigger, you need to make bigger braids as well.

Method Number Two: Buns

Another simple way to make hair curly is by tying hair into a bun at the tops of your head. It is rare to find a girl who does not know how to make a bun. But if you happen to be one of these few girls, do not worry because instructions are right here as well.

Gather all of your hair at the crown. Twist your hair as you tie it in a bun. You can use a hair tie or pins to keep it in place. You can leave it as it is for a few hours or keep it overnight. If you are ready, release your hair from the bun and be amazed by the lose waves/curls that your hair now has. To keep it in place, apply hair spray.

Note: This is a simple method that works well on average-textured hair. However, if your hair happens to be really silky, then this might not work for you.

Method Number Three: Sock Buns

You can either use unused socks or strips of cloth for this method. Again, you hair has to be damp for this method. Section your hair depending on how big you want the curls to be. The smaller the section is, the tighter your curls will be. Put the sock or cloth at your hair’s tip. Roll it until you reach the part where the curls are going to start. For best results, keep your hair in sock buns overnight. Undo the buns the next day to reveal your lovely curls. To get the right bounce for your hair, run your fingers through it.

And as you can see, the methods that we have listed above do not even require you to spend anything. Everything that you will need for the different methods can be found right in your room. So go for these methods instead to save your hair from damage and to avoid expenses. Curling your hair does not have to be complicated or expensive.

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