How to Use Essential Oils in the Car

Essential Oil Diffusers in the CarDriving comes naturally in most families that travel longer distances for work or vacations. Of course, in places where we spend a lot of time sitting and looking in front of the road, we need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Not all people are cut out to being inside of the car for several hours. Sometimes they feel motion sickness, nausea, or just don’t like the smell of the car.

Car fresheners and sprays are the typical scent providers. However, they can emit strong fumes that are irritating to the nose. Aside from that, they are made of different chemicals and can be harmful to children and pregnant women alike.

You can change those car fresheners with more natural scents like essential oils. Essential oils are extracted in the most natural way possible, and there are no harmful chemicals mixed with them. In this article, we will show you how to use essential oils in the car.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are discovered long ago and have a lot of uses that are still practiced to this day. They are typically derived from different parts of a plant like flowers, bark, stems, leaves, etc. They are highly concentrated and contain the actual fragrance of the plant.

Essential oils have benefits to the physical and mental aspects of a man. Most essential oils are antioxidants, antimicrobial, and for personal beauty care. In fact, there are myriad uses for them that more and more people buy them in small containers to apply to their skin or inhale the fragrance.

You can surely feel a pleasant driving experience when you use essential oil in your car because we firsthand know how nasty odors can decrease our focus and can spite irrational mood swings. With essential oils, they can increase your concentration and elevate your mood, perfect when you’re stuck in traffic or you’re in a hurry.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essentials Oils That Should Be in Every Car

It’s the best option to switch permanently to essential oils because they are easy to use and can be bought in groceries, scent shops, and drugstores at affordable prices. It’s most important to know that you must use the right essential oils as some essential oils can disrupt your driving by interfering with your thoughts through the fragrance alone. We’ve compiled the most common essential oils in cars and their specific benefits:


If you’re feeling tired but still want to remain mentally alert, you should have peppermint essential oil as part of your aromatherapy. If you have children with you, peppermint could be a very strong odor to them. Inhaling peppermint can also treat motion sickness either by applying it to the abdomen area or just inhaling it.


This is the better alternative to the peppermint when you have kids inside the car with you because it is milder. It can create a pleasant atmosphere because it has the ability to remove odors that can plague your cars like sweat or vomit. Also, lemongrass can greatly improve your focus in driving.


Drinking coffee is better at morning because it can make you feel awake with its aroma and the chemical substance. The essential oil extracted from the coffee can do the same. It can make you feel less tired and improve clear thinking.


Cinnamon’s refreshing aroma is perfect to use inside cars. It is also used to improve brain activity and relieve muscle soreness. While inside cars, inhaling the scent of cinnamon can relieve nervous tension and improves blood circulation that could have caused fatigue due to sitting for hours.


Orange is part of the citrus essential oils category. Like other citrus extracts, orange can greatly uplift your mood and reduce the stress levels when you’re in heavy traffic. Aside from that, it can treat the motion sickness of your companions if you have it inside the car.

Indeed, there are some essential oils that you shouldn’t use when traveling. Extracts of lavender, chamomile, fresh grass, and other floral scents should be avoided because they can calm you to the extent that you will feel drowsiness. Feeling sleepy can retard your cognitive ability that makes you daydream and susceptible to car accidents.

How to Use Essential Oils in the Car

The general rule of using essential oils in cars is at least a drop or two. Because they are highly concentrated, the fumes are stronger. Of course, some companions have different reaction levels when they smell essential oils. So to be on the safe side, 1-2 drops or until you smell it nicely are recommended.

How to Use Essential Oils in the Car

We have listed the numerous ways of using essentials oils inside cars. Through the following, you can get the best method to use.


It is an apparatus that is bought to hold scents and typically placed in dashboards. Essential oils are mixed with water or heated to disperse the scent effectively. The diffused oil creates a pleasant moist atmosphere inside cars, and you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits at its optimum. Also, you can see the best essential oil diffuser reviews here!

Cotton Wool or wWool Felt

You can smell the scent of essential oils even without an apparatus. Just put a few drops to either a cotton ball or wool felt and the heat engine will effectively disperse the fragrance throughout the inside of your car. Be careful of putting the scented cotton ball on your dashboard because they stick and leave an oily residue. However, you can choose the alternative with wool felt because it’s like fabric and you can punch a hole in it. Inserting a string and hanging it on the rearview mirror is a great fix!


If you intend to use essential oil as a spray, it is best to dilute a few drops of it with water or vodka. The diluted form is milder than the pure form and is safer. This is because some essential oils are irritable to human skin in their purest form. When you use it, shake first and then spray a few in a car clear of passengers so the scent can disperse.


This ends the article on how to use essential oils in the car. With the recommended essential oils and their applications listed above, you can assure yourself and fellow travelers to a pleasurable and comfortable travel time.

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