URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser has a number of features that will be useful to the user.


A lot of people would surely want to be able to breathe clean and fresh air whenever they want to go. This is most especially true for their homes. In this case, a clean and fresh scent of air will help in making your sleep as well as living experience comfortable. For this matter, many individuals are purchasing essential oil diffusers. If you are thinking about buying the same, then, you should consider the URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser. This product has a number of features that will be useful to the user. You also need to know the pros and cons of such item so that you can decide whether to continue with the purchase or not.
URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Review

New Version

This is already the 2nd generation of essential oil diffuser that is being manufactured by URPOWER. Since this is a newer version, it has been made to produce more mist when being used.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

It also operates in a quiet manner that you would think that it is not working. In this case, such feature will surely make sure that you will not get disturbed while you are sleeping. There will be no noise interference coming from the essential oil diffuser while it is operating.

Automatic Shut-Off

This essential oil diffuser has an automatic shut-off feature. With this feature, the diffuser shuts itself off automatically once there is no more water inside it. In this manner, the device can be protected from any sort of damage.

7 Color Changing Lamps

The changing lamps are also available in seven colors. In this case, such lamp will also be adding beauty to the aesthetics of the room or area where such device is placed.

Nightlight Feature

There is also a nightlight feature that is being incorporated in the design of this device. In this case, if you are not using it as an essential oil diffuser, then, you can just use it as a nightlight that will be illuminating your bedroom when you are about to sleep.

Adjustable Mist Settings

There are also two available mist settings for this device. The mist can be released by the device either continuously or intermittently. In that case, you will be able to choose which one will be more suitable to your liking.

Rubberized Legs

At the bottom of the essential oil diffuser, there are legs which are rubberized. For this matter, the device will be staying in one place.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

100mL Reservoir

It has a reservoir that has the ability to hold 100mL of liquid.


  • Long Working Time – This essential oil diffuser is known for its long working time or the total time that the device will work until it runs out of water. If you will be using the device continuously, it could be releasing the mist up until three hours. If you will be using it intermittently, then, you can expect the device to be releasing mist for up to six hours.
  • Stylish Design – It has a stylish as well as modern Japanese design which makes it very visually appealing for the users.
  • Sleek and Compact – It is just a small device so it will not be taking up a lot of space on the surface of the area where you will be placing it.
  • Lightweight – It is also very lightweight so you can easily transfer such device from one location to another, especially if you want to smell scented air on whichever room you will be occupying.
  • Any Type of Water Can be Used – This device has been designed to accept any kind of water, whether it is distilled, purified, or even just regular tap water. Aside from that, you can also be adding several drops of your favorite essential oils, whatever they may be. Your choice will not affect the operation of the essential oil diffuser.
  • Adds Moisture to the Air – The device acts as a humidifier. This means that it adds moisture to the air. As a result, you will be able to sleep better. Lesser coughing will be experienced and dry sinuses can be alleviated.


  • Difficulties in Opening – You may be experiencing difficulties when opening the top parts in case you will be adding water to the device. The top cap is difficult to twist because of the fact that there is a lock in place to prevent the liquid that is inside from spilling.
  • Splattering Liquid – Each time the device releases vapor in the air, a small but noticeable amount of liquid may also splatter out into the surface of the table where the device has been placed. In this case, you might find it inconvenient to constantly wipe off such splatter.


Surely, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous features that this item is offering to any user if you make such purchase. With the pros and the cons of using such item, you will also be making a sound decision with regards to your purchase.

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