Top Home Remedies for Treating Wrinkles

When we think about signs of aging, wrinkles are often one of the most common ones that come to mind. While aging is part of life, it doesn’t mean that your skin has to look as old as it is. Wrinkles result from skin that’s become thin and sagging. It can appear on various parts of the body including the neck, forearms, back, hands, and face. It results when collagen/elastin in the skin’s connective tissue gets weaker and starts to break down based on the changes in the “fibroblasts” that make collagen/elastin.

On the other hand, premature or extra wrinkles are caused by factors including stress, fast weight loss, smoking, UV exposure, genetics, and loss of Vitamin E. The good news is that there are many home remedies that can effective treat wrinkles and help to make your skin look younger and healthier.

Top Home Remedies for Treating Wrinkles

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Take It Easy

Stress can have a negative effect on many body parts, including your skin. It can be difficult to avoid stress in today’s 24/7 world with so many sources of stress. However, it’s important to stay as stress-free as possible. When you’re stressed out one result is that your skin gets thinner and weaker. That prevents it to battle the elements that cause wrinkles. Another X-factor is that when you frown/cowl it can also make short-term facial lines turn into long-term ones.

The good news is that there are tons of steps you can take to live a less stressful life. Listen to your favorite music, start a hobby, learn some new information, write a letter to someone, or talk to your friends or family members. There are also many physical activities you can do such as exercising, swimming, meditating, or doing yoga. The activities that you take aren’t as important as simply doing those activities.

Sleep Enough and Sleep Right

This might seem like an odd remedy since you’re not really “doing” anything when you sleep. However, when your body sleeps it makes something called human growth hormone (HGH), which helps to control the growth of skin and other body issues. So if you don’t get enough sleep, your body emits the stress hormone cortisol. That slows down growth and in fact can even damage tissues. It’s critical for your body to have fresh skin cells in order to battle and prevent new wrinkles from forming. You should also prevent damage to tissues so wrinkles don’t get worse. The amount of sleep you get isn’t an exact science, but generally it should be 7-9 hours of sleep. Experts say that if you wake up naturally in the morning without the need of an alarm clock or other device then you’ve probably slept enough.

Food Fights Wrinkles

You can eat certain foods that have been proven to be effective in battling wrinkles. Some examples are omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, high-end protein, copper, Vitamin A/C/E, “good” fats, and others. These foods can certainly help to keep your skin moisturized and minimize wrinkles. There are tons of foods to improve your skin health and prevent wrinkles. They include green/white tea; fruits such as papaya, berries, pineapple, and watermelon; veggies including tomatoes and cucumber; soy foods; beans and lentils; liver; nuts including walnuts and almonds; eggs; fish such as tuna, sardines and salmon; seeds such as sunflower and flaxseed.

More Water for Fewer Wrinkles

Simply drinking more water can help to reduce how many wrinkles you have on your skin. The reason is that water is important for keeping the skin sufficiently hydrated. Loss of moisture is one of the common causes of wrinkles. Thus, drinking water and drinking enough of it can help to prevent the problem. Typically you should drink 6-8 glasses. However,  on hot days or workout days you should definitely consider drinking extra water to make sure your skin is getting enough water. It’s also highly advisable that you drink filtered or mineral water. This will help to minimize the chance of getting sick from the water, and ensure that you get more nutrients from the H2O.

Olive Oil and Pineapple Pieces

Olive oil is an excellent ingredient for adding nutrients, and pineapple’s Vitamin C can help to eliminate the wrinkles. Pineapple also contains a certain enzyme to remove dead skin cells as well as dirt. You just need 1 cup pineapple pieces and 4 tablespoons olive oil. Add olive oil to the pineapple pieces. Then use a fork/blender to mash the pineapple. Add the mask to your face, neck, or other body parts with wrinkles. Let it set for 20 minutes. Finally, use lukewarm water to wash off the mixture. This is a simple treatment but can be effective in treating wrinkles on your face and other areas.

Make a Moisturizer

You can make a homemade anti-wrinkle moisturizer that will help to battle wrinkles. For example, an ayurvedic moisturizer can help to provide amazing results. Anyone with wrinkled skin can use the cream. It helps to cure wrinkles and also prevent new ones. That’s because of the different oils that treat different types of skin types.

You’ll need several ingredients to make the moisturizer. They include 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel, 2 tablespoons cocoa butter, 4 tablespoons rose water, a couple drops of lavender/rose essential oil. You’ll also need 6 tablespoons of oil based on your skin type: almond oil (normal), sesame (dry), jojoba (oily/acne), rice bran/ghee (mature skin).

First, separately all the ingredients so they’re warm. Then mix the warm ingredients by using a blender. After blending the mixture add the essential oil that you’ve chosen for your skin type. Put the cream in a container. You can then use this moisturizer any time you want to wash your face. Make sure to use it before going to sleep at bedtime. You could even make a special cream for night. Just make sure to use less aloe vera gel, and include more Vitamin A/E oils for the anti-wrinkle nighttime cream.

While aging is a part of life, you can certainly do it gracefully. The above-mentioned remedies will help to treat current wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming.

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