Top Home Remedies for Treating Freckles

Do you have freckles? They’re technically skin cells with pigmentation. They’re most often found on people who are fair-skinned, although it’s not always the case. Freckles are the result of genetics and are most frequent in kids before they reach puberty. However, it’s also possible adults to have freckles as well.

Anyone who’s had freckles knows that they’re small tan spots. These spots have more melanin in them than a person’s other skin cells. It’s important to note that freckles aren’t usually a sign of a skin problem or skin disease.

People who have light skin have less pigment within their skin cells. Thus, freckles are most common among people with red and blond hair who have fair skin as well as light-colored locks. Skin exposure can also result in more freckles.

If you want to get rid of freckles there are various home remedies that can treat the pigmentation quickly and effectively. Such treatments will help the skin to appear more uniform.

Treating Freckles

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Cast away Freckles with Castor Oil

You might not be too familiar with this type of oil, but it’s definitely a practical way to treat freckles at your home. It will help to make the freckles disappear and make your skin tone more even. One option requires you to use olive oil or Vitamin E in order to make freckles and other skin blemishes appear liker.

Another option is a procedure you should follow before bedtime. Simply add a little castor oil to the area of your skin that has freckles. In the morning, use a soft tissue to wipe off the oil. Next, use some lukewarm water to rinse the skin completely. A key benefit of castor oil of the cold-pressed type is that it has no odor or taste. Follow these steps every day until the freckles are completely gone.

Sour Remedy for Sweet Success

Sour cream can be used to help rid your skin of freckles. That’s because of the lactic acid in it. One option is to use sour milk to rinse the freckle-covered skin every day. Another option is yogurt.

Another option is to add sour cream to the area of skin that’s affected. Then let it dry for a couple weeks. Just use a towel or soft tissue to wipe off the sour cream. Next, add moisturizer. Follow this procedure one or more times daily.

Lemonade for the Skin

Many of us have fond memories of drinking lemonade on a hot summer day. However, it turns out that the citrus fruit can also be effective in treating brown spots on the skin such as freckles. The reason this remedy works is due to the bleaching properties of the oval fruit that can cause dark spots to vanish.

One option is to make a lemon scrub. First, cut one lemon in half, and add ½ teaspoon sugar onto the fruit. Then scrub your skin gently for a couple minutes. The next step is to use water to wash the lemon/sugar mixture off your face. Follow this procedure 1-2 times per week following a regular schedule.

Another option includes lemon juice (fresh). Apply it to the area with freckles then massage the region gently. Let it set for 10-15 minutes. You’re almost done! Next, use slightly warm water to rinse off the lemon juice. Follow this remedy two times per day.

The Need for (Sesame) Seeds

A blend of sesame seeds combined with turmeric can help freckles to become lighter and also help your skin to lighten up as well. First, grind 1 tablespoon sesame seeds with 1 tespoon tumeric (powder). Also add a little bit of water to form a smooth paste. The next step is to add this paste to your skin. Let it set for 10-15 minutes then use cold water to rise off the blend. If you follow this procedure one time every day you’ll see the freckles go away soon.

Make a Plan with Eggplant

This might be surprising because you usually don’t hear about hair and skin remedies that include eggplant. However, this can be an effective method since eggplant has tons of anti-oxidants. Besides that, it can help to make freckles lighter or disappear altogether.

Here’s what to do. First, slice 1 eggplant (fresh) into some thick pieces. Then put those eggplant slices over the skin that has freckles. Rub the eggplant slices gently over the blemishes using a circular motion. After that, let the slices set for 10-15 minutes. You should use this remedy every day for around one week in order for the freckles to get lighter. The freckles should get much lighter following a couple weeks.

Spice up Your … Skin

If you’ve had horseradish then you know it’s quite spicy. So what does it have to do with getting rid of freckles? It has a very high Vitamin C content so it’s good for getting rid of various skin blemishes including freckles. That’s not all! Horseradish is also an anti-oxidant that can be used to keep skin looking young and healthy.

There are various options. One is to add 1 tablespoon horseradish root (powdered) with 1 cup milk. Then blend the mixture. Next, let it cool down then strain the mixture. Add this mixture to your skin then let it set for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wash off the mixture. Follow this regimen 4-5 times per week until you the freckles have become as light as you want them to be.

Another option is to dab a little horseradish juice onto the area with freckles. Then let it set for 10 minutes. Follow this procedure every day in order to lighten up the freckles.

There’s more! Yet another option is to blend 1 horseradish (grated) with 1 lemon’s juice in order to form a paste. Add this paste onto the freckled skin region and let it dry. The next step is to use cold water to wash off the mixture. Do this procedure every-other day instead of daily until the freckle starts disappearing.

Freckles are quite common and usually aren’t a sign of serious skin problems. However, if you want to get rid of them you can use the above-mentioned home remedies to lighten them or even make them go away.

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