Top Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

You’ve probably heard people complain about stretch marks, but what are they all about? Stretch marks are lines that show up on skin when there’s fast stretching or growth. They can result from various factors such as hormone changes  and pregnancy. In terms of affecting your skin’s appearance it can result in scars when the skin is stretched to its maximum limit, which causes the middle layers to break.

The lines show up as lines that are perpendicular to the stretching’s direction. They appear to be dark red/purple at first, but after time they become lighter or match up with the other skin. If the stretched section returns to its size before, the stretch marks can appear less noticeable.

The good news is that there are many effective home remedies that can treat stretch marks effectively. This is a plus as it will help to ensure that you can deal with the problem safely and effectively. Besides that, you can save money because home remedies don’t include the harsh chemicals found in store-bought products.

Top Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

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Cocoa and Butter Cream

Cocoa and butter are popular ingredients when making foods, but they can also help to treat stretch marks. This particular recipe includes cocoa and Shea butter in order to make a homemade cream.

This is an easy yet effective recipe that include ingredients you probably have at home already or can easily buy at a local store. Cocoa butter is an excellent ingredient for moisturizing skin. It can get into the skin quickly, which can be effective when trying to remove stretch marks.

Meanwhile, Shea butter contains fatty acids that works well with cocoa butter in order to increase the skin’s healing. The butter contains fatty acids melts when it contacts body temperature, which means the body can absorb quickly.

Meanwhile, the Vitamin E in the homemade cream is a strong anti-oxidant that can get through the skin layers and help to heal the wound naturally while also removing scars.

Sweet Solution with Sour Fruit

Lemon juice is a great remedy for treating stretch marks. Lemons are a good choice due to their bleaching properties. They also contain AHA and Vitamin C that can help to get rid of dead skin and make stretch marks go away. This remedy just require 1 lemon and warm water.

First, slice the lemon so there are 2 halves. Then gently rub half of the lemon onto the stretch marks. You should feel the juice being absorbed by your skin. Follow this procedure for a minimum of 10 minutes. Finally, use warm water to wash off the juice.

Here are the ingredients you need:

2 teaspoon cocoa butter

2 teaspoon Shea butter

1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil

The first step is to melt the cocoa butter and Shea butter. Then add in the oil of Vitamin E to the melted butters. The next step is to mix the blend well. Store the mixture in a container. As the cream cools down it will form into a  solid state.

These are just some of the effective ways to treat stretch marks. While they’re a common skin issue, you can treat them effectively by using the above-mentioned treatments. Before you know it your skin will be free of stretch marks, which is definitely a plus if you want your skin to look as healthy as possible.

Every time you put this cream on your stretch marks, it will melt the moment it contacts the skin. Use this cream two times per day or more after taking a bath.

Protein Power

Egg whites actually contain 40 different types of proteins. That’s why they’re so helpful for skin health. They’re also rich in Vitamin A and collagen, so they can treat scars/burns effectively.

Here’s the process. Beat an egg white by using a fork. Then add the egg white to your stretch marks and let it set for 15 minutes. Finally, use water to wash it off. You could then add a moisturizer or an oil such as olive oil after you’ve pat-dried the region.

Drink Up and Eat Well

It’s important that you drink enough water and eat right, in order to treat your stretch marks. Drinking enough water is important so your skin stays hydrated. Experts suggest that you drink 8 to 10 glasses every day. Skin that’s hydrated helps to remove toxins from your body and also help the skin to get back it natural stretchy.

In terms of diet you should make sure that your skin is getting the nutrients it needs. A lack of nutrients in your body can’t help to maximize the benefits of anything you add topically to your skin, such as masks, lotions, creams, or lotions.

There are certain types of foods you should eat. They include foods that are high in Vitamin C and E. they include papaya, guavas, green leafy veggies, oranges, and broccoli for Vitamin C, and for Vitamin E spinach, tropical fruits, nuts, and olive oil.

Nuts and seeds are good foods to eat because they’re high in minerals. Meanwhile, make sure to eat good sources of protein, including yogurt, seeds, egg whites, beans, nuts, squash, peanuts, and pumpkins.

Another Use of Aloe

Aloe vera can be used for a wide variety of skin and hair treatments. The herb contains plant collagen that can help to repair people’s sin. When possible you should use aloe gel that’s fresh from leaves rather than buying the gel in stores.

The first step is to remove the thorns from the plant. Then extract the gel from the inside of the aloe vera plant’s leaf. Add this gel directly to your stretch marks, then let it set for 2 hours. The final step is to use water to wash off the gel from your skin.

Fruit for the Skin

This recipe must be added to skin every day for a minimum of one month before the stretch marks disappear. This varies from apricot scrubs that are often used to remove stretch marks quickly.

You’ll need:

2 or 3 apricots

Lukewarm water

Here’s what to do. First, cut the apricots open and take out the seeds. Then crush up the fruits to get the paste inside. Add this paste directly to your stretch marks. Let it set for around 15-20 minutes. Then use warm water to wash it off. Repeat this process every day for one month. When starting out you could do it two times per day.

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