Top Home Remedies for Oily Skin

If you want to maintain healthy skin a common condition you might have to deal with is oily skin. It results from the sebaceous glands in the skin producing too much of the substance called sebum. The substance actually has the job of protecting your skin, but when there’s too much of it the result is greasy skin, which could be a factor in acne forming. There are various causes of oily skin including heredity such as dark hair often being a factor. However, there are other factors including hormones and stress.

The good news is that several solutions can be used to treat oily skin. That can make it easier and less expensive to treat the condition, which is definitely a plus. The key is to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and extra oil from pores without removing enough of the natural oils that are required for healthy skin.

Top Home Remedies for Oily Skin

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Making a Mud Mask

A clay/mud mask can help to make skin less greasy, help to make the skin tone, and remove dirt, oil, etc. You have the option to buy the mask at a drugstore or make your own. If you make your own mask you can use facial clay that’s sold on natural foods stores.

Here’s how to make a facial mask. Combine 1 tablespoon of witch hazel and 1 teaspoon of facial clay. Then stir the mixture until it’s blended well. You could add 2 drops of lemon oil and also 2 drops of cypress oil in order to add a scent and control oil glands. Let the mask set on your face for 10 minutes or until it has dried. Then rinse off the mask thoroughly.

Another option is an egg-white mask. They can help to make the skin firmer and absorb oil. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and an egg white. Then stir the mixture well. Next, add a sufficient amount of flour to form a paste. Add the mask to your face, but avoid the eye region. Also make sure not to eat any of the egg blend. Then let it dry for around 10 minutes. Finally, use warm water to wash off the mixture.

Massages: Not Just for Bodies

When we think of massages we tend to think of body massages. However, a facial massage can help to treat oily skin. For example, you can use a grain powder to soak up oil. First grind up/sift 2 teaspoons of oats (dry), then use a little witch hazel to moisten the oils in order to make a paste. Next, use your fingertips to massage the paste gently into the skin of your face. Finally, use warm water to rinse the paste away.

Another option is to use buttermilk to massage your face after you’ve washed it. The buttermilk cultures have acids that help to remove dirt and make the pores tighter. Let the buttermilk set for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off.

Washing Regularly and Washing Well

It probably seems logical that washing your face will help to cleanse it from extra oil. However, besides washing your skin you should also wash it effectively. That includes using hot water as it will be more effective in dissolving oil than lukewarm water or cool water.

Another important step is to choose a good cleanser. When selecting liquid cleansers or bar soap avoid products that include extra moisturizers. You could use basic bar soaps. Another options is to choose cleaners that are designed for oily skin, but you should be prepared to pay higher prices for those cleansers.

You should also consider using a liquid face wash that includes alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) including lactic acid, citric acid, or glycolic acid. AHAs function in helping to remove dead skin cells, lower the amount of oil in pores, and fight infection.

In the case that you’re experiencing acne outbreaks, make sure to choose an anti-bacterial soap that includes triclosan or benzoyl peroxide. The reason is that they’ll help to prevent the growth of bacteria that can result in acne.

Adding Flaxseed to Food

There’s a good chance that you’re not eating flaxseed now. However, you should consider adding it to your diet. You could take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day. It might seem illogical at first, but the reason is that flaxseed has a high essential fatty acid content. It’s been proven to treat various skin conditions such as oily skin. Flaxseed is found in various health food stores. To protect the seeds from light/heat, buy cold-pressed oil in a non-see-thru container then place it in your fridge.

A Wickedly Good Toner

Another option is to use witch hazel as a toner. Soak one cotton ball in a little witch hazel that’s been distilled. Next, dab it on your face. Use this treatment two times per day for 2-3 weeks. Following the third week add it to your skin one time per day. Witch hazel contains something called tannins. It has the effect of making the skin dryer and also making the pores tighter in the process of drying up.

Other options include peppermint and safe, which also contain astringent properties. In order to make a home toner that will make your oily skin look and feel better put 1 tablespoon of one of those herbs in a small cup. Then fill the cup to the top using boiling water. Next, let the herbs steep in the water for half an hour. Strain out the liquid and then let it cool down before you dab it onto your face. You can then store the leftovers in a squeeze bottle. It can stay fresh for 3 days if left at room temperature, or 5 days when stored in a refrigerator.

Yet another option is a mixture of lavender as well as neroli oil, which is extracted from orange blossoms. This mixture can work as a skin cleanser as well as a toner. Put lavender floral water into a hand sprayer. Then add a little neroli oil and spray it on your face many times per day.

While oil can be tough to deal with, the good news is that there are many effective home remedies. The above-mentioned ones are some of the best ones for top-notch results.

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