Top Home Remedies to Lighten Skin Naturally

Skin that’s dark/dull can be the result of various issues including stress, sun exposure, pollution, dry skin, and cosmetic products. The good news is that there are many effective home remedies that can help to lighten your skin naturally and effectively.

Lighten Skin Naturally

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Yogurt: Not Just for Breakfast

Yogurt has several nutrients that help to make skin healthier. It also has something called lactic acid that can bleach skin naturally. There are various methods you can use. One is to simply rub yogurt ( plain) onto your skin. Let it set for a couple of minutes then use slightly warm water to wash it off. Follow this process one time every day for many weeks in order to see a big change in your skin’s complexion.

Another method is to mix 1 tablespoon yogurt (fresh) and ½ tablespoon honey. Add the mixture to your face/neck. Let it set for 10-15 minutes then use water to wash it off. Follow this method every day to improve your skin tone/complexion.

Another method is to add a small amount of lemon juice and a little oatmeal to yogurt in order to create a thick paste. Then add it to your face as a mask. This treatment will also keep your skin moisturized and soft.

Oatmeal: Not Just for Cereal

This is an excellent treatment as it removes dead skin cells. That helps to the skin to be softer and more elastic. Mix oatmeal with some tomato juice. Then add the blend to your face. Let it set for 20 minutes, then use cold water to wash it off. Rub gently while rinsing so the oatmeal can remove the skin cells that are dead. Follow this procedure every day.

That’s Gram Flour

This is one of the top ingredients for people who want to have a lighter skin complexion. It has many nutrients that keep skin extremely healthy. Using this remedy every-other day helps to remove extra oil from skin and allows it to keep its natural moisture.

First, mix gram flour with a little water or even rose water to form a paste. Then add it to your face, or other body parts including hands or legs. Let it set until the paste has dried. Then use water to wash it off.

Why Orange You Using This Treatment?

Vitamin C is one of the most critical ingredients for skin care. You can get a ton of it from oranges. Another benefit is that the fruits have various bleaching properties to lighten the skin.

First, mix 2 tablespoons orange juice and a little powdered turmeric. Add the mixture to your face/neck before bedtime. You can also add it to legs/hands. Wash off the mixture after 20-30 minutes. Follow this process daily.

Another method is to grind up orange peels (dried) until it forms a powder. Mix 1 tablespoon of the orange peels (powdered) with 1 tablespoon yogurt (plain) to form a paste. Add the paste to your skin the let it set for 15-20 minutes. Next, use water to rinse it off. This will help to lighten up areas of the skin such as spots. Follow this procedure 1-2 times per week but that should be the maximum amount.

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