Top Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

There are many hair conditions that people have to deal with. Some people want curls, whether it’s natural curls or a result of treatments. However, one type of curls that just about everyone wants to get rid of is frizzy hair. This can even be a daily battle for some people, so it’s important to deal with it in the best way possible.

Frizz is basically tangle hair that shows up on a head of hair sometimes. Again, it’s important to point out that frizzy hair is different from curly hair per se. It involves the hair being in tight curls, knots, or other unwanted snags.

The cause of frizz is usually a cuticle layer that’s raised. This causes the hair to have the appearance that it’s dry and full of frizz rather than lying flat on your head. Meanwhile, the hair looks smooth when the layer of cuticle remains flat.

People with curly hair usually have frizzy hair more than people with straight hair because the former tend to be drier than the latter. This means curly hair is more vulnerable to frizz. Another factor is that curly-haired people have to be very careful to avoid brushing their hair. The problem is that it’s more likely for the cuticle layer to go up, which can result in frizz. The good news is that there are effective home treatments for frizz.

Top Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

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Water with Some Fizz

Carbonated water is without a doubt one of the top options when treating hair that’s frizzy. There are various options including soda water, club soda, and sparkling water. This is effective since its pH level is lower, which helps to battle frirz that results from humidity.

Just use carbonated water to rinse your locks after you’ve used your regular shampoo. This will help to provide soothing relief to your hair and help to reduce the frizz. However, you’ll need to use this treatment for quite a long time to get the results you want.

Sweet and Sour Combo

You’ve probably heard of vinegar, but how about apple cider vinegar? This type of vinegar can provide many health benefits, and can also help to both fight and prevent frizzy hair. That’s because the acid contained in apple cider vinegar can cause the frizz to smooth out and help your hair to be lively rather than dull.

Here’s what to do. Mix an equal ratio of water and apple cider vinegar. This will lower the amount of acidity it contains. Then use it as your final rinse after you’ve washed/shampooed your hair as usual. This basic treatment will help to reduce hair frizz as well as add some extra shine to your locks. Use this treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Another option is to use water to dilute apple cider vinegar. Then use a cotton ball to add the mixture to your scalp. The next step is to use a comb to distribute the mixture throughout your strands of hair. Let it set for 10-15 minutes. Then use water to rinse your locks well. Follow these steps one time per week.

Going Bananas for Non-Frizzy Hair

If you want to reduce frizzy hair you should consider bananas. The reason is that they’re high in vitamins, potassium, carbs, and natural oils. These ingredients are all helpful in keeping moisture in your hair in order to make your hair shiner and softer. It can also help to fix split ends and prevent the condition.

First, mash up 1 banana (rip) using a fork until all the lumps are gone. Then mix in ¼ cup yogurt as well as 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add this mask throughout your hair/scalp. Add a shower cap atop your head and wear it for 30-60 minutes. Then use water to rinse your hair. Finally, shampoo and condition as you normally do. Follow this procedure one time per week.

A Different Kind of Masks

A hair mask made of avocado fruit is a very effective way to treat frizzy hair. That’s due to the high quantity of Vitamin E that’s contained in the fruit, which helps to keep frizz under control. Avocado also has other benefits including providing hydration. The tropical fruit also contains healthy fatty acids that can booth soothe and control frizzy and wild hair.

First, mash up 1 avocado (ripe), then add a small amount of olive oil. Mix the ingredients well. Then shampoo your locks and add the mixture through all of your hair. Let it set for 30-60 minutes. Next, use cold water to rinse out the avocado mask. You could use conditioner in order to rid your hair of the smell of avocado.

Another option is to mash up one avocado. Then mix it with some mayo or curd in order to create a paste (smooth). This mixture can be used as a hair mask 1-2 times each week in order to keep your hair from getting dry and to function as a conditioner for your hair.

Beer: More than a Refreshing Drink

Beer is an excellent choice for adding moisture back to your hair. It also contains many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, anti-oxidants, and amino acids that are required by hair. If you want to get the top results make sure to use dark beers.

Just use beer to coat your locks. Let the alcoholic drink set for a couple of minutes, then use cold water to rinse out the beverage. Follow this method one time every two weeks.

Another remedy involving beer is to mix an equal ratio of beer, conditioner, and shampoo. Add the mixture to your hair. Then use a brush on your hair in order to make some tension. Let the mixture stay on your hair for a couple of minutes. Then use cold water to rinse it completely.

You should use either of these treatments on your frizzy hair one time every 2 weeks.

Frizzy hair can be tough to deal with, and especially for people with curly hair. The good news is that the above-mentioned methods can help to deal with the issue by using home remedies.

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