Top Home Remedies for Black Eyes

Many of us got black eyes when we were youngsters whether it was from contact during a sporting event, accident on the playground, or other cause. However, people of any age can experience a black eye, which most often is causes by something hitting someone’s face. However, there are other causes including facelifts, nasal injuries, allergic reactions, and jaw surgery. This can result in many issues including blurry vision, selling, pain, and headaches. The “black eye” is technically the issues surrounding the eyes being bruised.

If you experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, or vomiting you should certainly consider contacting your doctor immediately. However, the symptoms aren’t major then you should consider the many home remedies that are available.

Top Home Remedies for Black Eyes

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Taking Your Vitamin C…for Black Eyes?

We already know that Vitamin C is important for various reasons, and is a vitamin that we should be getting enough of every day. However, you might be surprised that Vitamin C fruits can also be used to treat black eyes. Many fruits are high in the vitamin including guavas, limes, mangoes, peppers, lemons, and oranges. Vitamin C is helping in making blood vessels’ walls thicker and also help to speed up the healing process. Another option is to take supplements of Vitamin C in order to give your body the extra Vitamin C it requires. Both methods are effective in helping to speed up healing.

Wickedly Good Treatment

Witch hazel can be used for healing various types of conditions, which includes a black eye. There are a few ways you can use the home remedy to treat them. First, soak one cotton pad in the witch hazel, then place it on the area that’s affected for a couple of minutes. This provides a soothing relief and also helps the black eye to heal faster.

There’s another method you can use. Make a solution with witch hazel, chamomile essential oil, as well as water. Use a clean cloth to dip it into the solution. The put it over the eyelid and the area surrounding it. Do this process 2-3 times per day.

Help from Herbs

You can get relief  from an herb known as arnica when treating black eyes. Arnica can help to lower the selling that often results when people get a black eye. It also helps to heal the muscles of the eye and other tissues that were damaged.

Here’s what to do. Start by using the arnica herb to treat the black eye at the earliest time possible. This will help to prevent any bruises from worsening. You can find arnica in ointments or creams, and as an oil. You can apply both topical treatments 2-3 times per day.

Natural Oil for Unnatural Condition

Natural oils are another way to treat black eyes. You can use such oils to massage into an area that’s been affected. This will help to reduce swelling as well as inflammation. The best option is olive oil since it has many healing properties that can reduce bruising. However, there are other options such as castor or coconut oil. When massaging the oil near your eye it’s important to be very gentle as adding more pressure can actually result in more pain, which is a situation you likely want to avoid.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ice

An ice pack is one of the most basic yet also very effective methods for treating black eyes. The ice helps in lowering the swelling and also causing the blood vessels to be narrowing. That will help to lower the internal bleeding and prevent more bruising. First wrap up some ice cubs in a cotton/muslin cloth that’s clean. Place it over your black eye for around 10 minutes. Use this process many times during a day throughout the first 2 days after you suffer the black eye.

The Root of the Solution

Something called comfrey root is an outstanding home remedy when dealing with black eyes. That’s because it can treat the bruising and pain of the condition. Grind 1 teaspoon of some comfrey root, with a little amount of water. Then add the paste to your black eye one time per day. You can also make a tea by using comfrey root. Boil it in water, then dip a cloth (clean) into the warm tea. Add it to the area that’s been bruised. Both of these remedies can be effective in treating black eyes.

A Marigold by Another Name

Marigold is also known as calendula and is often used to lower inflammation and speed up the healing of wounds. If you have a black eye you’ll be pleased to learn that it can help to lower bruising and swelling linked to the condition. Place some petals that have been removed from calendula flowers (fresh) into a cup of water (hot). Allow the petals to steep for 10-15 minutes. Then place the steeped leaves in the fridge for around 30 minutes. Next, soak a washcloth (clean) in the solution, then place it on your eyes. Let it set for around 5 minutes. Follow this process a couple of times for a couple of days.

The Power of Potatoes

This might be a surprising treatment for black eyes, but it’s definitely an effective treatment for black eyes. This remedy can lower swelling and also reduce the amount of pain you feel. You can use this home remedy in a couple of ways. One option is to peel/cut a potato (medium) into some thick slices. Then place the potato slices into the fridge for 30 minutes. Next, put a cold potato slice over the black eye for 30 minutes. Yet another option is to take a potato and grate it. That will squeeze out some juice that you can apply to your black eye. You can use this last remedy with other ingredients including slices of cucumber or tea bags that are chilled.

If you have black eyes you don’t have to spend big bucks to treat them. The above-mentioned home remedies are just as affordable as they are effectively.

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