Top Home Recipes for Removing Hair Dyes

Hair dyes are great for changing the hue of your locks. However, after adding them you might have second thoughts about your decision. If so, then you’ll likely want to remove them. However, it’s not quite the same as washing out dirt by shampooing your hair. There are many commercial products on the market. However, if you want to use a safer and cheaper way then you should consider using homemade recipes to remove the dyes.

Top Home Recipes for Removing Hair Dyes

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Vinegar: Sour Ingredient with Sweet Results

You might have never considered adding vinegar to your hair, but it can help for various types of treatments including removing dye from your hair. Here’s what you should do. Add vinegar then let it set for 10-15 minutes. Follow this procedure for a couple of days. The coloring in your hair will start to get lighter. Keep using this method until you’re pleased with your hair’s shade. At that time you can stop using the treatment.

Bake up This Remedy

Baking soda can also be used to help remove coloring from your hair. Just blend some baking soda with your regular shampoo. Then add the mixture to your hair. Why does it work? It will help to remove much of the hair dye that’s stuck in your hair. However, you should then use a (deep) conditioning treatment in order to prevent damage to your locks.

The Right Shampoo

It’s not enough to simply shampoo your hair. Instead, you should choose one with pH levels that are high. You could consider using a “clarifying” shampoo to remove the extra hair coloring. You could even use a dandruff shampoo 2-3 times per session to produce the results you want. The chemicals contained in the shampoo could help to remove some of the color contained in the shampoo. However, you should use the shampoo for a couple days to get the results you want.

Another Vitamin C Use

Vitamin C provides many health benefits such as by eating citrus fruits. However, it can also help to remove dyes from your hair. For this recipe you need Vitamin C tablets and shampoo. Use a 1,000 milligram tablet or 1 gram Vitamin C powder. If you’re using the tablets make sure to crush them using 2 spoons then put the powder in a bowl.

It’s important to use this remedy as soon as you make it, so be prepared. You could also use a towel to catch color that drips off. Mix the Vitamin C powder with a big squired of low-cost shampoo. Add this to your locks quickly then work the shampoo/Vitamin C mixture throughout your hair. Make sure that all strands are covered. Then use a shower cap to cover up your hair so it doesn’t drip down into eye. Make sure to check your locks after every 5 minutes. Also, let it stay on your hair for up to 10 minutes before you use water to rinse. Finally, use conditioner on your hair.

A Different Tartar “Sauce”

You might enjoy tartar sauce on certain kinds of food, but would you ever add it to your hair? You might be surprised by the results. It can be used to make an effective paste for removing hair coloring. Blend lemon juice with some cream of tartar to form a paste. Then add this paste onto your locks and let it set for 10-15 minutes. Then use water to rinse your hair.

If you have second thoughts after adding hair dye to your locks, it’s not the end of the world. The above-mentioned treatments will help to remove the coloring, even if it’s a gradual process. What’s important is to take steps to get your hair back to its original color.

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