Top Benefits of Essential Oils

There are a myriad of benefits to using essential oils, this age old practice as once again found its way into mainstream society. Here are some of the top benefits with in-depth explanations.


One of the first things that springs to our minds when we think essential oils is aroma or scent. Essential oils have been utilized for centuries for aromatherapy. Certain scents such as lavender, ylang ylang, and cedar are known for their ability to create a relaxing environment; and we all have a certain scent that brings back fond memories. Aroma therapists use therapeutic grade essential oils to achieve a state of relaxing calm for their clients; but the benefits of these powerful essential oils are not exclusive to the spa. You can find therapeutic grade essential oils from many different sources and with the right diffuser for your needs; you can reproduce the same aromatherapy results in your own home. Aromatherapy is at the top of the list for essential oil use for those who tend to suffer from conditions, such as depression. Aromatherapy brings happiness and tranquility to those who practice it. Making it a lifestyle choice for those who need a boost to keep the blues away is highly recommended.


The Mind, Body and Spirit

Essential oils work to create a healthy mind, emotional balance, and a physically healthy self. Essential oils are exactly what their name describes, the highly concentrated components of plants. Throughout the ages, plants have always been the most highly effective source for treating numerous human ailments. Several cultures dedicated numerous hours to producing essential oils for use by the population; soaking plants in oil or distilling them to create essential oils. From fatigue to pain, there are several worthy plant sources to treat symptoms and conditions. This all natural approach to balance and physical health has no down-side. Unlike modern medicine, which contains several chemicals that are harmful to the human body; essential oils are completely natural. By introducing essential oils into your home, you are able to reap the benefit of their wondrous properties with ease; through direct application to the skin (when essential oils are combined with a carrier oil), or through inhalation from a diffuser. Essential oils work to restore balance and work to prevent illness before it strikes.

Mind Body and Spirit

All Natural Beauty

Essential oils are an excellent, all natural alternative to beauty products and treatments. Instead of investing in expensive beauty products, consider essential oils as a safe healthy replacement. Essential oils are perfect for treating conditions such as acne, dry or oily skin, and signs of aging. Also, permanent conditions such as scars can be treated with an essential oil with astounding results. Essential oils can be combined with other all natural ingredients, such as oats, to make masks and defoliators for the skin; they can be added to a natural oil to create hair treatments that promote healthy natural hair. When you look at what is on the market today, and you see how many harmful man-made chemicals are introduced to the body through skin care products; giving essential oils, (a cost effective product) a try is an excellent idea.

All Natural Beauty

Chemical Free Cleaning

Parents never cease to worry over their children, it’s natural, we want to ensure that we are doing our very best to keep them, and their environment safe. It can be disconcerting to know that the cleaners we use are less than safe; in most cases they are downright dangerous if consumed or even come in contact with your child’s skin; hence the need for child proofing every cabinet door and drawer. Every mother has experienced chasing a toddler and cleaning at the same time, it can be exasperating; spilled juice or trying to remove a crayon mark from the wall. All the while ensuring that your little one doesn’t accidentally get a hold of that very dangerous cleaning wipe!  We KNOW they will be playing on the floor again before the cleaner actually dries, even though we told them not to. How many times has a child gotten into a cleaning product he shouldn’t have? How about you! Using a cleaning product laced with noxious chemicals is not any better for the adult than the child. Banish that fear!  Essential oils are the boss when it comes to thorough safe cleaning. Not only can several essential oils (when added to water, vinegar, or baking soda) get rid of tough stains, cut through grease, and kill germs and bacteria; they also have the added benefit of filling your home with a wonderful aroma. No one enjoys their home smelling of harsh cleaners; we open windows to get the smell out when we can. It is so simple and cost effective to use essential oils for household cleaning. It does not take a lot of essential oil to make an effective product; instructions can be found easily online, and once you get started; you are once again saving hundreds of dollars a year on harmful chemical filled cleaners.

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