Top 10 Best Air Purifier Reviews in 2016

Whether praised or ill-spoken, the opinion on the effectiveness of air purifiers has remained a contested debate. However, we can all agree that the rapid tech revolution around air purifiers has been for the better. These silent but vital machines have continuously improved to eliminate smaller contaminants with incredibly high efficiencies.

Best Air Purifier Reviews

Today, we shall look at some of the technologies embedded into the air purifiers as well as a review of the top 10 air purifiers we recommend to you. If you have been curious about how these purifiers manage to clean the air you breathe, check out some technologies used:

Thermodynamic Sterilization (TSS)

Uses the mode of incineration to burn microbes (fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.) trapped from passing air, in capillaries heated to 2000C.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

This technique uses a fan to force streams of air in front of a UV lamp which emits UV light, and therefore sterilizes the air.

Filter-based Purification

For this system, air is also forced through a filter with specified pore sizes which will eliminate large contaminant particles, for instance, dust particles. A special class of these filters is the HEPA filter which is used to clean air entering a controlled environment (e.g. clean room, or even your guests’ room). They boast a cleaning efficiency of up to 99.97% of particles of 0.3 micrometers. Pretty impressive, huh?

Polarized-media Electronic Air Cleaners

These are a category utilizing an electronically active media to create a polarized electric field. Polarized substances will be attracted to this media as they pass by and will, therefore, be trapped. That’s only some of the technologies used by these wonderful devices. For a full list of these and more technologies being developed on air, purifiers follow this link (air purifying techniques). So which air purifier do you want? Don’t worry; we got your back. Check out these 10 of our most preferred models:

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers on the Market

1. HONEYWELL 17000-S


A relatively small unit consisting of a permanent HEPA filter unit and a replaceable activated carbon pre-filter. The pre-filter is the workhorse of the purifier acting as a protector of the HEPA filter as well as serve to remove common house odors.

Small but can blow you away

Even though the Honeywell 17000-S is made for small rooms, given the right room size (14 sq. ft. by 14 sq. ft.), it can completely alter the air, five times per hour.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Permanent HEPA filter
  • Activated carbon pre-filter


  • The indicator light are a little too bright, especially at night
  • There isn’t an Energy Star rating!

A great device that boasts a triple stage air filtration system to guarantee a crispy and fresh atmosphere for small homes and offices. The three stages of filtration technology include:

  • Pre-filter made of activated carbon – traps dust, hairs, lint, etc.
  • True HEPA filter with close of 100% collection of airborne particles
  • Sterilization of air using ultraviolet light (UV-C)

Silence is Key

Even while revving through the delivery of 100 cubic feet of clean air per minute, the purifier remains shockingly quiet. On its fan speed controls, the ‘high’ setting is the loudest, but you’ll barely hear it.


  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Has a powerful fan
  • Has a thorough triple-part cleaning system


  • Not suitable for larger rooms
3. HONEYWELL 50250-S

With this air cleaner from Honeywell, what you’re getting is all-around air cleaning, at rates of 250 cubic feet per minute. You can trust this mid-range cleaner for 99.97% contaminant removal up to sizes of 0.3 microns.

Small with big performance and warranty

The cleaner might look small, but it’s able to completely change your room’s air five times in an hour! You will enjoy the provision of 3 manual fan speed adjustments depending on your needs. You’ll no longer be worried of the dustiest summer months.

Whenever the filter media is worn out, the 50250-S will automatically let you know with its indicator.

Upon purchase, you will also get a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. You’re welcome.


  • Area coverage up to 390 sq. ft.
  • 360-degree airflow
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Relatively high energy consumption
  • Only uses dual-filter system
  • Can get noisy in the highest setting
4. WINIX WAC5500


At a handling capacity of 350 square feet, this air purifier is not only ideal for a medium-sized office, but it is also suitable for individual rooms at home. The device incorporates modes technologies of Plasma wave, pre-filtrations using an activated carbon media as well as true HEPA filtration in its cleaning mechanism. With such a combination, you will be protected from pollen in the summer, floating flu viruses during the winter, and everything in between.

A smart helper

The WAC5500 gives you the option of choosing whether you want to work in manual or automatic modes. With the automatic setting, the device uses different sensors to pick up on the level of contaminants in the air (to classify on a scale of 1-5) and adjust the fan speed accordingly. With the manual mode, you’re free to switch between Low, Medium, High or Turbo setting for the fan speed.

What you also get is an automatic notification on when to replace your pre-filter. Usually, there will be a recommendation by the manufacturer (check your user manual), but this will vary depending on how hard the device works. Either way, you can rest easy, and the WAC5500 will notify you duly.


  • Automatic pre-filter-replacement notification when worn out
  • You can clean the pre-filter by vacuuming it
  • Relatively quiet
  • Comes with a remote. Awesome!


  • A slight odor released from the chemical agents used in the purifier
  • Plasma wave tech might interfere with some wireless networks. Watch out.


This one goes to all the homeowners who would like to clean large areas of airborne particles at relatively low costs. This model claims to cover areas as large as 460 sq. ft. and changing the air every 12 minutes.

Portable and ideal

This air cleaner is relatively small and compact. Therefore you can carry it with you whenever you’re visiting your family back home.

The HPA300 is not meant for people with serious respiratory issues. It only utilizes some of the common filtration systems including pre-filters and a HEPA filter. With the HEPA filter, you can trust that the air will be eliminated of 99.97% of tiny pollutant particles, 0.3 microns or larger.


  • Nice compact design
  • Automatic shutdown timer
  • Energy Star qualification


  • Can be noisy at high fan speeds
  • The front door doesn’t seem to cover filters entirely
6. COWAY AP-1512HH

The 1512HH comes with both manual and automatic modes. Users can choose between the two modes, with either mode having a further specification for fan speed or air quality sensitivity.

Green Warrior

The purifier has a rather tiny carbon footprint for its 267 cubic feet of air cleaned every minute. It is EPA Energy Star rated and will only consume about 7W when on low fan speed. It also has an innovative ECO Mode that will turn off the fan when contaminants in the air remain low for at least 30 minutes. So you can also breathe easy as it won’t be fighting for the first position on your electricity bill.

Cleaning Pro

This air cleaner comes with three filters and a negative ionizer. The fiberglass pre-filter can be washed or vacuumed when clogged. It does a great job of trapping larger particles like dust and any hairs. Odor elimination is done by its carbon filters, right before the True HEPA filter takes over.

We recommend changing the HEPA yearly and the carbon filter every six months. Otherwise, there’s a LED indicator to let you know when to replace the filters.


  • Works well in mid-sized spaces of about 361 sq. ft.
  • 3-year warranty from manufacturer
  • Good value for money when it comes to energy consumption
  • Impressive customer care


  • Lower performance on odors and chemicals
  • Noticeable noise during high fan speed
7. WINIX WAC9500

This 4-speed machine comes with both auto and manual modes. The auto mode is quite effective as it’s aided by digital dust, odor, and light sensors to continuously monitor the air quality.

All the tech

The 9500 comes with an easy-to-read LCD for notifications on pollutant levels, a speed button and a multifunction timer for customization when on manual mode. The light sensors on the machine will also control its operation through the day. During night time, it will automatically engage the sleep mode function; lower the fan speed and dim the display lights. With all that, the cleaner will run you 6W of power when on Low and up to 70W on Turbo mode, which is quite impressive for the performance given.

You will also get a remote control for those days you choose to stay in bed all day.


  • Washable anti-bacterial pre-filter
  • Good power saving
  • Handy tech features


  • One year limited warranty
  • Slight noise when on Turbo mode

Even at low fan speeds, this AP51030K continues to wow us with its higher-than-average cleaning capabilities. Whether dust, pollen or even cigarette smoke, this air cleaner will not let you down.

Ease of use

The user experience on this machine is impressive thanks to the five-stage filter status indicator together with a warning indicator when filters are getting worn out. Simplicity in the labeling of various controls is what makes it worth it for many users opting for this device; you will be able to change fan speeds and get notifications in good time.


  • Impressive cleaning capabilities
  • Quiet
  • High-quality filters
  • Five-year warranty


  • Slightly poor on strong odors
  • Costly replacement filters

This air purifier comes in as one of the top rankings in the market today. It is especially recommended for persons with health complications who need clean air often. Nonetheless, we still recommend it for those who want true value for their money.

The power to control given to you

With extensive controls, you will be given a worthwhile experience. Customization has never been easier on an air cleaner. The HealthPro comes with a four key touch pad and an LCD display showing the filter status, fan speed, and timer status. LED indicators on the device will progressively change from green to orange and finally red as the filters wear out. A remote controller that comes with it will allow you to adjust fan speeds through six stages.


  • Study housing made from ABS plastic
  • But individual filters separately
  • Requires little maintenance, if any
  • Room for additional Coarse Dust filter


  • Missing dust and odor sensors
  • Pricey replacement filters
  • Large and bulky

This latest product from Alen is inspired by a futuristic design. Together with a whole host of sensors for fan speed and air quality control, you can now get on with your work as the machine clears the air for you.

The machine boasts 1100 square foot of cleaning space with complete air renewal every 30 minutes. Into the nitty-gritty, their filtration system combines a pre-filter, a hybrid HEPA filter, and other filter materials into one. It is, therefore, possible, unlike other HEPA style purifiers, to clean and reuse the filtration media. However, a replacement will still be needed when the filters are worn out, usually 12 to 18 months under normal operation.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy design, intuitive controls
  • Replacement filters widely available


  • Pricey optional filters
  • High electricity consumption
  • A little bit noisy


With all that refreshing look at some of our preferred options, you can now make a wise decision. Always make sure you check around for the availability of replaceable parts of an air purifier before any purchase. With that, you can thank us for the perfect gift idea for your grandparents.


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