Your Own Skincare Solution for Oily Skin

If those who suffer from dry skin have problems with redness, fine lines, peeling, flaking or itching, those with oily skin suffer with pimples or acne. It does sound simple and can easily be treated, but it can be very annoying to find the right product that will completely eliminate oily skin. There is actually no surefire way to entirely eliminate oily skin, but there are easy ways to address them with the use of ingredients that you can find at home.

But why, you ask, that the use of natural ingredients is not promoted that much through advertisements or in the commercial industry? If they do this, they will lose their business. Just take a look at the ingredients listed in their labels. Sounds too scientific and confusing, doesn’t it? What’s more, not all of these products are very effective in addressing oily skin. Some of them are even not as effective as it claims it to be. The most effective ones are those bearing the high price tag.

Your Own Skincare Solution for Oily Skin

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You don’t have to spend all of your money to such products. One thing that you will find very common with beauty product ads lately is the use of natural ingredients. They emphasize it a lot in order to bring in more consumers that are demanding to have more of these “natural” products. You don’t have to fall for their ploy again. What you need is your own mixture of natural recipe to control the production of oil from your skin at average.

Plain Yogurt

You don’t need to be guilty about eating plain yogurt just to achieve oil-free skin. You don’t even need to eat the yogurt at all. You only need to apply it on your skin as some sort of cleanser. This is only used as after-application so that it will aid in drying up the excess oil found in the pores of your skin. You will notice improvements as you keep on using yogurt daily. Just visit your local grocer and buy plenty of plain yogurt if you find improvements.

Salt and Tea Tree Oil

Isn’t tea tree oil made of oil? What if it will only worsen your oily condition? Just because it is composed of oil does not mean it will make your skin more oily. You only need to mix tea tree oil with sea salt as this will aid in reducing the oil production of your skin. The problem with most products in the market is that they completely make your skin dry; in fact too dry that it leads to more problems. Sea salt with tea tree oil will only treat excessive oil and not including the oil that keeps your skin moisturized. You will find products in the market with sea salt and tea tree oil a lot, but creating your own mixture will make it more effective.

Most of those who make use of sea salt with tea tree oil make a mixture for bath salt scrub. What you will need is a cup of salt, a cup of your favorite oil and a couple of drops of scent. You mix these three well and you have your own skin scrub for oily skin. If you want a firmer and less runny mixture, try to mix 2 parts of salt to 1 part oil. Add the oil in increments up until you reach the consistency that you prefer. Don’t be too shocked if you see the salt and oil separate. This is a normal reaction. You just need to stir them back together if you wish to use the mixture. As with scent, you only need 4 to 5 drops of it. Having too much of the scented oil will irritate the skin.

Lemon and Strawberry Facial Mask

This works as an astringent to your face. If you find it a hassle to buy those ready-made facial masks at stores, you can just turn to strawberries and lemons as it contains natural astringent properties – the right equivalent to the ingredients that astringent products in the market always boast about.

What you need is 2 egg whites, 2 tablespoon honey, one cup mashed strawberries, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and four drops jojoba oil. You can find a lot of jojoba oil at organic markets, skincare online shops and healthcare stores. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it directly on the face. Leave it on for ten minutes. The measurement aforementioned is only good for a single mask or for a single application only, so make plans to share it with someone else who is interested to try out this homemade recipe. Treatment is even more effective when mixture is applied fresh. Never use refrigerated ingredients or extras of this mixture if you want to make use of it on another time.

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