Should You Bleach Your Hair?

There is this thing that makes bleaching your hair really fun. In this day and age, you get access to various colors that will bring life to your hair. You don’t have to stick with black if that bores you. You can even get as wild with neon-colored hairs, or combine a lot of colors in it if this is your way of expressing yourself. However, when things go wrong with bleaching, whether you have done it yourself or from a self-proclaimed hairstylist, there are things that you need to be wary of. The hair is your crowning glory. Don’t let a single mistake ruin everything.

What You Should Know about Bleaching

You know that the basic purpose of bleaching hair is to change its natural color. Bleaching brings out the best of fantasy colors. This means that the lighter your hair is, the brighter its color is going to be. If your hair is that of a dark shade, it will be very difficult to get it lighter. If you are aiming to get a lighter hair color, you should talk to your hairstylist about this. You can also ask them what is really best for your hair, not what you think is best based on the trend popularized by certain celebrities.

Bleach Your Hair

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The above suggests that you should communicate with your stylist more often! This means not only do you need to know what color should go well with your hair, but also how the process of bleaching goes. It will help your stylist get to decide what color you really want if you bring them pictures. If you have any concerns about hair bleaching, you should also tell them about it. The most important thing of all is to tell them if you had an experience wherein bleaching burned your hair. This will give them an idea that certain chemicals or a process in bleaching might burn your scalp. When it does, it will need to be washed out.

Watch Your Hair Habits!

The stylist is not the only one who should be aware of the entire bleaching process. You, who wants their hair bleached, should also watch out, too. Do you have the habit of washing out your hair too much? You’d best be careful. It is time to change that now to avoid damaging your hair. This means being careful with the kind of shampoos that you buy. This does not mean to say that shampoos are damaging to your hair. Keep in mind that every hair is made differently, at least at a genetics level. You have those normal hair, dry hair, dry and frizzy, oily hair and so on. In your case since you will be or your hair is already bleached, there is a way to keep it naturally healthy. Whether you buy shampoos from your usual stores or at professional hair care salons, washing it daily with shampoo can cause your scalp to get dry. It is natural that after the bleaching process, your hair will feel dry, but that is only temporary. But shampooing daily will take out the oil that is coating every strand of your hair. Even the most expensive and effective shampoo in the market will dry your hair out when constantly washed. Use your shampoo sparingly and always keep close attention to how your hair feels to you.

Caring for Your Hair after Bleaching

Most of all, give your hair a time to heal after the bleaching process. Doesn’t your stylist tell you to avoid washing your hair for a couple of days? There is a reason for that, but they usually do not tell you the reason for it. Keep applying oil to the ends of your hair to keep it moisturized such as moroccan oil, coconut oil or argan oil. When your hair is ready for washing, always be gentle with it.

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