Premier Home Remedies for Minor Skin Burns

If you want your skin to look as beautiful as possible, there are certain conditions that you might have to deal with that happen due to accidents. Minor burns are one of them. They can result from various causes. Such burns can cause some pain and discomfort, but besides that they can prevent your skin from looking its best.

The reason is that the top layers of skin are damaged, which causes it to become read. These burns are usually called first-degree burns, or also superficial burns. They can result from sun exposure, or contact with hot liquids, steam, or objects. It’s critical to deal with the burns before they cause blisters when not treating early. Typically the burns can heal within three weeks, but you can get rid of the red areas by using some basic yet effective home remedies.

Premier Home Remedies for Minor Skin Burns

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Common Food for Common Problem

Many people would be quite surprised to learn that a potato can be used for more than French fries, baked potatoes, and hashbrowns. They can also be used to help treat minor burns. That’s due to the soothing and anti-irritating properties. Potato can also help to prevent blisters that are harder to treat in terms of beautiful skin.

The process is really easy. First, slip a potato (raw) then rub it onto the burn. Make sure that the potato juice is released on the burned area.

Here’s another home remedy using potato. Grate a potato (raw) then add it to the burned area for around 15 minutes. For both of these remedies to be as effective as possible make sure that you use them very quickly after the burn happens.

Flower Power

Essential oil from lavender has pain-killing and anti-septic properties that can help to reduce the redness of the burn due to the burn, and provide pain-killing help as well. Besides that the oil will help to reduce the chance of scarring, which is a plus in terms of keeping your skin as beautiful as possible.

You have a few options. One is to mix a couple drops lavender (essential oi) with 2 teaspoons honey. Then add it to the burned area a couple times per day. Another option is to add 5 drops lavender (oil) to 2 cups water. First, soak a clean cloth in the mixture, then use it as a type of compress. Apply it many times to produce the best results. Another option is to add the lavender oil onto the skin directly. However, experts usually recommend not adding essential oils onto skin directly onto skin.

Use Your Coconut (and Lemon Juice)

Coconut oil combined with lemon juice can provide a great way to treat minor burns after the burn as cooled down as well as dried up. This is helpful in treating the burn and the redness.

Why does this work? Coconut oil is high in Vitamin E and various fatty acids including caprylic acid, myristic acid, and lauric acid. This can provide benefits such as anti-oxidant and anti-fungal help.

Then there’s lemon juice. It contains acid that can help to lighten up the scars. This is definitely a plus in terms of reducing the redness of the burns. When treating burns there are different issues to address. However, the one of the main issues in terms of skin health and beauty is the redness. This mixture of coconut oil/lemon juice can help.

Here’s the process. First, add a little bit of lemon juice to some coconut oil. Then mix it thoroughly. Add some of the mixture to the areas of your skin that are affected, in order to speed up the healing process.

Say Hello to Aloe

Aloe Vera can provide several benefits for different types of skin conditions. That includes minor burns. What’s so great about it? Aloe Vera helps to heal tissues and remove moisture, which can help to treat burns effective.

Here’s one remedy. Mix 1 teaspoon aloe vera (gel) and 1 teaspoon turmeric. Then simply add it to your burn.

Another option is to cut a tiny piece of aloe vera (leaf) then add the gel from the leaf onto the burn.

Both of these methods are quite easy, but could be challenging if you don’t have access to aloe vera. In that case you can also use a cream that contains aloe vera. It will have the same effect, yet will be more convenient for people who don’t have access to the actual plant.

An Onion Use to Prevent Tears

Onion is notorious for causing people to tear up when it’s cut before cooking. However, onion juice can also help to treat minor burns due to various properties that can help to lower the risk of blistering. That’s one of the key goals in terms of returning your skin to its pre-burned beautiful state.

Here’s what you do. Cut an onion (fresh) and add the herb’s juice directly to your burn. Make sure that the onions are freshly cut because they lose their medical benefits a couple minutes after they’ve been cut. Make sure to follow this procedure many times per day to get the best result, as doing it less frequently will have the opposite result. .

Fight Fire with Water

Cold water is easily one of the best ways to treat minor burns and take out some of the redness before the situation gets worse. Just run some cold water over the area of skin that’s burned for many minutes. Make sure to do it as soon as possible after the burn, and within mere seconds of the burning is even better.

An alternative is put a compress (cold) atop the burned Area. Follow this step every couple hours in order to help to deal with the discomfort and reduce the redness.

As a word of caution, while ice is colder than water, it can actually help to reduce blood flow in the area, which can cause damage to skin tissue. That’s obvious a situation you want to avoid.

Burned skin can be tough to deal with in terms of pain and discomfort. Besides that, it can also result in blisters if it’s not treated quickly. Both redness and blisters can prevent your skin from looking as beautiful as possible. That highlights the need to use home remedies as soon as you can, including the above-mentioned ones.

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