How to Naturally Shrink Your Open Pores

The pores of your skin offers that essential oil to the skin in order to keep it smooth and hydrated, giving your skin the ability to breathe. It comes with a couple of functions and they are also held responsible for getting rid of toxins away from the body. This is how celebrities look so beautiful, especially with their skin. This is because they have maintained to keep the pores of their skin closed. But when they are open, it is obvious just at first glance. When the pores get expanded, it is a sign that it is either dilated or clogged.

People with oily skin are usually the ones affected with open pores rather than those with oily skin. They are very visible especially at the nose area, where it tends to have more of the oil glands. It is important to have the opened pores prevented in order to maintain the balance of moisturizing, toning and cleansing.

How to Naturally Shrink Your Open Pores

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There are a couple of reasons for getting open pores. Genetics, stress, excess makeup and moisturizing, aging, the use of substandard products, changes in the hormones especially during pregnancy, and many other causes.

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to salons or beauty parlors to have your skin maintain its natural balance. Below are some of the natural ways that you can make your open pores closed. They are even very affordable, too.


Honey has been used a lot for curing skin problems, but it is also great for closing up pores. It comes with healing, medicinal and antibacterial properties. It has high potassium content that is capable of killing bacteria responsible for clogging up the pores. Aside from honey, yogurt also comes with lactic acid that is capable of exfoliating the skin and cleanse up the pores.

Combine honey and yogurt in equal parts and apply it on the affected area. Wait for a couple of minutes before you rinse it with warm water.

Ice Cubes

If you have been to a facial session before, experts apply a hot compress on your skin as a way to open up the pores. The opposite? Applying a cold compress, but in this case you want to make use of ice cubes. This is an instant treatment for your open pores that will aid in stimulating the circulation of the blood, thus giving your a healthier skin. Make sure that you clean your face first before you rub in the ice cube. Rub the ice cube two times a day between 5 to 10 minutes. This is your toner that aids in tightening up the pores. The alternative to ice cubes is by washing the face with cold water filled with ice.

If you want to add more benefits to this remedy, fill up the ice tray with either lemon or tomato juice and place in the freezer. Get the cube form and place it directly on your face.

People that are suffering from meningitis or sinusitis should avoid using ice cubes.


Almonds come with skin restoration properties that aids in minimizing the open pores, thus making your skin clearer and smoother. Just get around 5 to 6 almonds and crush it. Add a couple of drops lemon juice. Grind it together with the lemon juice until you get that paste-like consistency. Apply it onto skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash it afterwards with water.

You can also make a scrub out of almonds by mixing orange peel powder and ground almond powder. Apply the mixture onto face by rubbing it in a circular manner. This is the best treatment for opened pores.

You can also make use of banana that are mashed. Add to it 2 teaspoon sweet almond oil and apply the mixture onto skin. Rinse off the mixture with water after leaving it on for twenty minutes.

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