How to Naturally Remove Skin Fungus

Sometimes the medical world can be too scary that when you experience something different with your body, you hesitate to approach them. You also know that when you do approach them, you feel that you are so sick you are better off not knowing. But not knowing at all will only drive you crazy, not to mention attempting on self-medication when it is not recommended by doctors. Whenever something is different with your body, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

Skin problems are also worrying. Because of the fact that most troubles these days are highly televised, it has driven most people to think that the slightest change in their skin is already a sign of a fatal disease. Worry not as not all skin problems are associated with fatal diseases. It is just that some of these skin problems are quite annoying, not to mention they are contagious. One of these problems is skin fungus, which appears like peeling, cracking, itching, burning, blisters and redness. These are just some of the common signs of skin fungi, but when not treated, it will be difficult to approach people, even the ones close to you.

How to Naturally Remove Skin Fungus

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There are a couple of home remedies you can try that will heal skin fungus. You don’t need medications or those special dermatological ointments that are proven to remove them, yet are quite expensive. You can find the ingredients for these home remedies in your kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This particular vinegar is so popular that it is even being used to treat skin fungi. Apple cider vinegar actually has a lot of medicinal properties, which makes it a good source for skin repair and regeneration. It is also good for treating fungal and bacterial infections. The vinegar penetrates within the skin and will exert pressure onto the infected skin. Since apple cider vinegar is quite strong, you will need to dilute it with the right amount of water. This will prevent your skin from getting burned. Apply the vinegar and water mixture daily for 3 to 4 times until skin fungi is completely removed.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most amazing and effective anti-fungi agents in treating fungal infections to the skin. It is claimed to completely eliminate the skin fungi. Since tea tree oil is very acidic and strong in its nature, it is important to have it diluted before it is used. You only need to get 2 parts of the oil and 5 parts of olive oil, mixing it well. Apply the mixture well on affected area and massage it gently in order for the oil to penetrate into the skin. This will exert a good influence onto the fungi. Repeat this process each day until you notice the fungus receding completely.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Sounds dangerous? This is not one of those chemicals that are harmful to humans. In fact, soaking the affected area with hydrogen peroxide will help in treating skin fungi. It may cause skin irritation at first try, but it will gradually fade away as you keep using it. However, you will need to dilute this first in order to get rid of the skin irritation. Just take a cup of hydrogen peroxide added to a gallon of water. You can use this mixture to soak your affected skin for at a maximum of 20 minutes a day. Continue to do this process until skin fungi is gone completely.


Plain yoghurt is a good option to use when treating various skin infections, especially with skin fungi. It is good at taking action against fungus and bacteria. Just take 2 cups of yoghurt that has live cultures to have a good internal healing. Live culture with yoghurt can also be used to apply directly on the skin and left it on for a couple of hours each day. You will need to continue this application each day until you notice the fungus out completely from your skin.

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