How to Naturally Get Your Hair Thicker

Most people prefer to have thicker hair, without any regards to whether it is short or long. It seems that having thicker hair seems to be better to look at than with thinner hair. The reason why you have thin hair depends on various reasons, but it doesn’t mean to say that you cannot have thicker hair just because you were born with the hair that you have right now. However, there are studies that show evidence people living in warmer regions have thicker hair while those living in colder climate regions have thinner hair.

Yet there are people, as they age, gradually gets thinning hair. There might not be a way to prevent your way to old age, but there are still ways to enhance thicker hair. You have nature to depend on that. Nature itself has provided various resources that will promote thicker hair. It will grow more vibrant and thicker through natural means. You don’t have to pretend having thicker hair by applying synthetic ones to your head.

How to Naturally Get Your Hair Thicker

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You must have at least seen a couple of people putting egg on their hair. There is a reason why they apply egg to their hair. They might wanted to have a hairstyle that stays in place or they have heard how egg can actually help you get thicker hair. Egg is actually great for your skin and hair. It has all that you need in building up the proteins that your hair needs in making it thicker, not to mention it also aids in hair growth. Egg is a rich source in protein, which is something your hair really needs. It will make your hair look its best and make it stronger, too. If you only want one remedy for your hair to use, this is the best one.

What you need is 2 large eggs beaten well in a bowl. Apply beaten egg onto dry hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it with water and apply light shampoo to get rid of the smell left by the egg mixture. This procedure should be repeated for at least 4 times per week in order to get the best results.

You can also mix egg yolk, water and olive oil if you wish to have thicker hair. These three ingredients should be blended well and applied to dry hair. Leave it on the hair for at least fifteen minutes, then rinsed well with light shampoo and water. You only need to repeat this process for a couple of times per week up until you find the desired result.

Coconut Oil

This is an easier approach to thicker hair compared to the egg mixture since all you need is pure coconut oil. This tropical ingredient is used widely in tropical regions for its natural properties in promoting thicker hair. There are also proteins present in coconut oil that are also responsible in giving your hair that needed strength. It is pretty similar to how its proteins act inside the eggs in working with thin hair.

Just get the coconut oil warmed at a sufficient temperature that is not too hot or too cold when applied to the hair and scalp. After you have applied the coconut oil on your hair, wrap your head with a hot towel. Soak the towel in hot water and squeeze out the water before wrapping it around your head. This method will keep the oils heated up while it slowly penetrates the hair shaft. Leave the wrapped hot towel on for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. Repeat this method for every few days until you get the desired result.

Orange Juice

It sounds like orange juice is quite out of the picture. But orange juice aids in promoting thicker hair, hair growth and getting rid of dandruff. You only need a sliced orange, peeled and placed in a food processor until the orange it reduced into a fine pulp. The pulp mixture is applied directly on the hair and left it on for about 20 minutes. Doing this method for once per week will lead to a thicker and fuller hair in just a couple of months.

You can also make use of apple puree and orange juice mixture is another good way of getting your hair thicker naturally. Leaving this mixture on your hair for thirty minutes and done twice per week will give you thicker hair that you desire. Make sure that the mixture is rinsed well from the hair. No need for shampooing after you have washed away the mixture.

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