Natural Ways to Get Those Dark Under Eye Circles Away

There are times that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can’t help but notice that tired look on your face. However, you don’t feel tired at all. In fact, you feel energetic, so why is it that the person in the mirror looks so tired? This is probably because of the dark under eye circles you have. You’ve heard from your friends or experts that a good night’s sleep will help do the trick, but this will only be effective if you are consistent with sleeping for at least 7 hours a night. It will aid in diminishing that dark look in the mirror, but getting rid of it for good is another issue to address.

Not all people are affected with dark under eye circles. Most cases this is affected by genetics. Other factors include age and seasonal allergies.

Natural Ways to Get Those Dark Under Eye Circles Away

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However, you can completely get rid of them if you use one of the home remedies below that are claimed to get rid of the dark under eye circles completely. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go.


This particular plant is very famous for being placed on top of the eye while the person is being pampered. It happens a lot in movies, right? Especially amongst the high class. In your case, you don’t need to be high class. Cucumbers actually have a mild astringent, plus skin-lightening components that will aid in fixing up those dark under eyes. You will also get that fres and soothing effect.

Cut thick slices of cucumber and chill them inside the refrigerator for about thirty minutes. Place the thick slices onto the dark under eye and leave it there for ten minutes. Wash it afterwards with plain water. Repeat this process at least twice per day for a week. You can continue to do this for another week or two.

Another way to use cucumber is by extracting its juice. Prepare equal parts of lemon juice and cucumber juice and mix them well. Apply the mixture onto the affected area with the use of a cotton ball. Leave the mixture on for fifteen minutes then rinse it all with water. Use this method every day for a week.

Almond Oil

What makes almond oil very beneficial to your skin is that it has been used for a very long time to treat dark under eye circles. Mixing almond oil with vitamin E oil will completely eliminate the dark circles from under your eyes.

Before you sleep for he night, apply a small amount of almond oil directly to the affected area of your eyes and then gently massage it. Leave it on for the rest of the night. After you wake up in the morning, wash off the oil with cold water. Use this remedy daily until it completely disappears.

Rose Water

Rose water has been claimed as a good toner for the skin, although it has other uses for skin care, too. It aids in rejuvenating the skin, not to mention that it comes with a soothing effect to very tired eyes.

Prepare the cotton eye pads and soak it in pure rose water for a couple of minutes. Close your eyelids and put on the soaked eye pads. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Do this remedy for at least 2 times each day for a couple of weeks.


Raw potatoes have natural agents for bleaching. This means it will help lighten up the dark circles and eventually get rid of the puffiness on your eyes.

Grate at least two potatoes and extract its juice. Use a cotton ball and soak it in the juice. Place the cotton ball on top of your closed eyes. Ensure that the juice covers all the dark under eye circles and the eyelids as well. Leave the cotton ball and juice mixture on top for 15 minutes. Rinse the eyelids with plain water. Repeat this process for once or twice a day for a couple of weeks.

You can also use thick potato slices and use it in the same way that cucumber are done.

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