Most Popular Essential Oils and Their Prospective Health Benefits

Essential oil enthusiasts new and old have questions about essential oil benefits. What does one essential oil provide over another? We have compiled a list of the most commonly known and used essential oils on the market, what part of the plant they are derived from, and their most common uses.


The essential oil is derived from the peel of this inedible fruit. Bergamot oil is utilized in several industrial capacities to lend a spicy citrus fragrance and in culinary arts. In the world of essential oils, Bergamot has several worthy properties; it helps promote digestive wellbeing, clear skin, and promotes calm and relaxation. Utilize Bergamot in skin care products; hand creams that fight dry chapped skin all winter long can be made with this oil. Uncommonly know, Bergamot is used to treat those who suffer from anorexia, a powerful use for this very useful oil; for all these reasons Bergamot is high on the list of recommended oils to have on hand.

Bergamot essential oil


It is derived from the oil of the cedar tree, just as you would imagine. However, it is not commonly known that Cedarwood carries some wonderful healing properties. Cedarwood essential oil works as an antifungal, an antiseptic, diuretic, promotes healthy skin, repels bugs, cures toothaches and gum inflammation, and works to build better digestive health. Also, Cedarwood can be used by those who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections. This essential oil can do a lot of healing! Wonderful to use in homes with children, where illness can be a constant concern; an added bonus to Cedarwood is that it also works to calm the mind and promote peace and tranquility, also great for homes with small children running around.


This essential oil is derived from the Chamomile flower. There are a few different versions, with blue Chamomile being the most popular. Chamomile essential oil is known to produce perspiration which makes this an excellent source for detoxifying the body. Chamomile is always widely known for its ability to produce a calming effect, making it great for relaxation. The benefits don’t end there though; Chamomile has amazing antibiotic powers. This is another powerful dual essential oil, great for skin and beauty rituals and with powerful healing properties. Roman Chamomile is widely used to relieve menstrual cramps; a wonderful alternative to over-the-counter treatments. This very soothing essential oil is excellent for calming and soothing children naturally.

Chamomile Essential Oil


This is derived from the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant. Eucalyptus is known universally for the scent associated with the leaves; refreshing and invigorating. Some of its powerful essential oil properties are the ability to relieve symptoms of the common cold or flu; it will stimulate healthy hair growth, and is a very effective cleanser for hands stained with grease. This is an excellent essential oil choice for those who suffer with sinus and allergy problems, Eucalyptus can replace several over the counter medications as a healthy all-natural remedy. Don’t ever suffer with a raw runny nose again, use this essential oil to clear mucus and stave off the suffering. When it comes to scar tissue, Eucalyptus wins again. It will reduce scar tissue and relieve the pain associated with it. There are several documented cases of Eucalyptus doing just that. Save on expensive treatments by using this all natural remedy.


It is derived from the Jasmine flower and must be picked in the evening to reap the benefit of its full fragrance. The sweet scent of this essential oil is known for its calming properties, it is highly utilized in aromatherapy. Jasmine is known to bring emotional balance and has been used for this purpose for thousands of years. It is also an excellent source for hormonal health; making Jasmine a top pick for women.

Jasmine Essential Oil


It is derived from the flower of Lavender plants. It really is one of those multi-functional essential oils with a multitude of uses. It is best known for its calming properties but has several other uses. Lavender essential oil can be used to treat insect bites, minor burns, and cuts. That isn’t the end of the list yet! It can be a wonderful sleep aid, effectively treat eczema, will cure nausea, and get rid of annoying dandruff. This wonder oil also has the ability to regenerate cells; fight aging internally, without invasive modern medical treatments. Lavender essential oils are excellent when added to baths; children and adults alike will benefit by a restful night’s sleep and healthy beautiful skin. Lavender essential oil is definitely one to keep handy.


This is derived from the peel of the fruit. Lemon essential oil has a refreshing citrus scent that most find very appealing. It also has several beneficial uses. It is best known for the ability to clean toxins from any part of the body; making Lemon essential oil a must for those wishing to cleanse their bodies. It is also a natural bug repellant and works wonderfully to purify skin. Lemon essential oil is also a powerful antimicrobial, which makes for an amazing house hold cleaner when combined with baking soda or vinegar. Lemon essential oil is great for cleansing the air as well, it will neutralize dust and kill airborne bacteria.


It is derived from the flowing tops of the Marjoram plant. Marjoram is widely used to reduce pain and inflammation; it can ease pain associated with tooth ache, colds and flues, and tired sore muscles. There are no adverse side effects with Marjoram, like with over-the-counter medications. This essential oil will leave you feeling uplifted when used in aromatherapy. Marjoram is another effective household cleaning agent as it kills bacteria. Another great use for Marjoram is hyperactivity in children, restore calm and happiness to an overactive child with this essential oil. This essential oil also works well to cure stomach issues such as gas; with the added benefit of keeping your mind sharp and ridding one of headaches; we consider Marjoram another very useful essential oil for your collection.

Marjoram Essential Oil


The essential oil is derived from the leaves of an evergreen perennial. Its unique scent is often associated with “the hippie movement”. However, Patchouli essential oil has numerous benefits. For centuries Patchouli essential oil has been highly prized; it is highly beneficial for skin and hair health. It cures acne, dry chapped skin, and dandruff. It is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Patchouli essential oil will speed the healing process of wounds, and is prized for use in fragrance. This is a go to for aromatherapy and can be found in many aromatherapy blends.


This essential oil of derived from the flower of the plant. It is widely known for its fresh minty scent. It is also widely used in aromatherapy for its calming effect. When used topically is works wonders for sore muscles; it also works to freshen bad breath and sooth digestive issues, such as nausea. It also has the ability to focus the mind and promote all over well being. Peppermint essential oil can be added to beauty treatments for a refreshing uplifting result. It is a wonderful deodorizer and will leave your home with a fresh clean scent. When combined with Lavender this essential oil will heal sunburns quickly; peppermint essential oil is historically one of the oldest ever documented by several cultures. For those who suffer from lower back pain, give Peppermint essential oil a try; the results are fast and long lasting. This is a must have for anyone who uses essential oil products.


This is derived from the petal of the rose flower. Rose essential oil is considered an anti-depressant as it works to lift the mood. It can also work to get rid of fever, its anti-inflammatory properties working to relieve the cause. Rose essential oil is a wonderful and fragrant way to treat wounds. As you can imagine, Rose essential oil is also a powerful aphrodisiac. This essential oil is also highly valued in aromatherapy for its calming properties. It also works to strengthen gums and hair roots. Rose essential oil aids in circulation and relieves asthma symptoms.With so many benefits, this is a go to for many essential oil enthusiasts.

Rose Essential Oil


It is derived from the leaves of the Rosemary plant. It works to promote good health in the repertory, immune, and nervous system. Rosemary also relieves tension and fatigue; sooths muscle aches and pains; and supports a healthy digestive system. Rosemary works very well in conjunction with several of the other oils on this list. This oil can also be added with other essential oils, like Rose, to create wonderful beauty treatments.


This essential oil is derived from the oil of the Sandalwood tree. These oils are very highly prized as this tree is known to retain its scent for centuries. This essential oil is prized for meditation; its properties inducing deep relaxation; it also helps to focus the brain and provide clarity of mind. This essential oil is also another natural aphrodisiac. It is also great in beauty regiments as it sooths, brightens, and tightens skin. This essential oil is known to benefit those who suffer from insomnia. Also a natural anti-depressant, it is great for postpartum relief.  This is another one of those power house essential oils to keep handy for its multi-functional properties.

Tea Tree

The essential oil is derived from the leaves of the Tea Tree plant. This particular essential oil has become vastly popular within the cosmetic industry; it has found its way into skin and hair care products because of its healthful benefits. Besides this, it works wonders for healing cuts and burns, cure athlete’s foot, and heal insect bites. Tea Tree essential oil can also kill lice when used as a treatment; huge bonus when lice are currently becoming immune to over-the-counter treatment. This is a great essential oil to have handy for so many reasons.


It is derived from the flowers of the Ylang-Ylang tree; early morning harvesting is considered best for this delicate flower, as it produces the most oil. Ylang-Ylang works wonders on the mind; it produces a sedative effect, promoting calm and well being; great for relieving shock or tension. Known to stimulate the production of endorphins, Ylang-Ylang is a great pain killer. This essential oil is good for those suffering from high blood pressure or anxiety. It works well with the digestive system, promoting digestive health. For those looking for a natural way to stop hair loss this is the perfect solution. This essential oil is used in aromatherapy for those combating anger and aggression; Ylang-Ylang will sooth and restore peace. This essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy and fragrance for its delicate and pleasant scent. Highly prized and highly recommended as an essential oil for any household.


Today we have looked at some of the most commonly used essential oils on the market and touched on their most common benefits. There are hundreds of other essential oils out there and their benefits are just as useful and important. Our goal was to give you a go to guide for any need you may have. You can rest easy choosing any of the essential oils listed above; whether your interest is utilizing a diffuser, making your own effective low-cost beauty treatments, aromatherapy, or topical application; all of the essential oils in this article are effective for your purpose. Remember, essential oils cannot be used for topical or beauty treatments without the use of a carrier oil. These powerful components must be diluted so that they do not cause skin irritation.

Our Hope

We hope your journey into the world of healthy self healing is adventurous and inspirational. In a world where we are inundated with man-made chemicals and ineffectual treatments, essential oils and their miraculous properties can bring clarify and health to your life. Find balance and peace in your life, it is the best gift you can give yourself.

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