More Home Remedies for Dandruff

Do you suffer from an oily scalp? If so you might have tried many remedies but were unsuccessful to get the results you wanted. However, it’s important to be aware of what it’s all about. The body naturally produces hair oils. However, the problem is when there’s too much of the oil produced, which results in hair strands becoming stringy, limp, and fatty.

The root of the problem is at the scalp under each follicle of hair. There’s something called ‘sebaceous glands” that are important in keeping hair as well as skin moisturized and protected. Sebum is an oily/waxy kind of substance that can provide many benefits. However, it can sometimes cause problems such as acne.  There are many causes of oily scalps including diet, illness, genetics, and hygiene.

However, the good news is that there are also many effective home remedies that can treat the condition. This means you don’t have to spend a small fortune on commercial products, which is definitely a plus. Besides that, you can make many of the home remedies in a short amount of time.

More Home Remedies for Dandruff

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Rinsing Isn’t Good Enough

After you’ve shampooed your hair, you’re probably familiar with the process of rinsing. That’s not a problem. However, it’s also important that you rinse your hair completely. The reason is that if you don’t do that there will be some shampoo residue left in your hair strands.

Why is that a problem? That can result in dirt and oil sticking to it. So when you wash your hair make sure that you rinse out all of the shampoo in order to minimize the chance that your hair’s scalp will get oilier due to the residue attracting stuff.

Baking Up a Good Treatment

Baking soda is excellent in soaking up oils, which makes it very helpful if you want to remove oil from your scalp. It might sound like an odd treatment, but it can definitely help to treat the condition, so you should consider trying it to fix the problem. You’ll need 3 teaspoons baking soda and a small amount of water. These ingredients are used to make a paste. Massage the paste into your oily scalp. Then make sure to massage it gently so the hair won’t be damaged.

Massage your scalp using the mixture for 5-7 minutes, then let it set for 15 minutes. What’s next? Use cold water to wash your scalp completely. You can then use shampoo to wash your hair. If you have very oily hair you should use this treatment every day. If not, then you should use it three times per week to get the best results.

Two Oval Ingredients

This remedy includes the yolk of an egg, and lemon juice. This is an effective method for making your scalp less greasy. Besides that it also helps to make the hair shiner. First, you’ll need 2 egg yolks and a couple drops lemon juice. After you’ve combined the two ingredients beat the mixture well. Then add the mixture to hair that’s wet, and let it set for 5-7 minutes. Then rinse your hair completely. If you want your scalp to be less greasy you should follow this recipe at least 2-3 times per week. If you follow it less frequently you won’t get the same results.

Two Sours, One Sweet Recipe

Vinegar and lemon juice are excellent for making a rinse that treats oily scalps. How do you make it? You’ll need to add 2 tablespoons white vinegar or juice from 1 lemon, and 1 cup water. After you’re done shampooing, use this blend to rinse your hair. Then use tepid water to do the final rinse. This is an effective treatment because the vinegar and lemon juice team up to control shampoo buildup. 78888

Fuller Earth for Better Scalp

You might not have heard of fuller earth, and it has nothing to do with the world’s population. It’s actually a type of clay that has helpful mineral properties. It’s mainly used to treat oily/acne skin. However, it also helps you to get rid of extra oil. If you have a hair length that’s medium, you’ll need 3 tablespoons fuller earth. You should add more if you have hair that’s longer, and less if you have shorter hair. Then add a little water to create a paste.

Add the paste onto your hair/scalp. Let it set for 15 minutes then put on a shower cap. Let the cap stay on for 30-40 minutes, then use cold water to wash your hair. While you’re washing it, make sure to massage the scalp until you feel tingles. This will help to open up hair follicles. After you wash your hair one time with fuller’s earth your hair will feel smooth and shiny. Besides that, your scalp will be clean and free of dirt and oil. You should follow this treatment two times per week in order to control your scalp’s oil.

Lemonade for the Hair

Lemons not only help to add some zing to dishes and refreshing lemonade, but also can help to treat oily scalps. First, select a big lemon fruit that’s ripe. Next, cut the lemon so there are two halves. Then remove all the seeds. You’ll then need to comb your strands and part them so there are 2 halves. Then your scalp will be visible.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon all over the scalp, then massage it into your hair/scalp using the half of lemon. First, use ½ a lemon for massaging your head’s scalp until just the lemon rind Is left. Then use the other half of the fruit to finish the task.

Let the lemon juice stay on your hair/scalp for 45-60 minutes, then use clean water to wash your hair. There’s no need to use shampoo. Next, let your hair dry before coming it.

You should follow this procedure daily or every-other day is also OK. Adding lemon juice will help to control the scalp’s extra production of oil.

While oil in scalps is natural, it’s a problem when the outside of your head produces too much of it. The good news is that the above-mentioned home remedies are easy yet effective ways to treat the condition and make your hair less oily. It will help you to save a lot of money in the process.

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