Mistakes to Avoid When Treating Acne

Most people are affected by acne, and it usually starts during teens. Some are earlier than that. There are people who are lucky enough to never experience acne in their lives, but this is probably because they may have taken care of their skin quite carefully. But for others, they will have to struggle in keeping their skin naturally healthy and beautiful.

You’ve heard from the experts that it is bad to pop those acne, yet you are still doing it. This is expected, which is why experts have come up with solutions to it – making treatments. But then again, even with the plethora of treatments available from drug stores, groceries or even from exclusive dermatologists, it seems that only a few people are able to grasp on how to take care of their skin. They must have made mistakes that made it look like that.

Mistakes to Avoid When Treating Acne

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Leaving Acne Without Treatment

Here is the first mistake – not treating acne long enough that it has left a scar on the face. But why would people do this? There are various reasons. First, you hear those group of people say that treatment products are unnatural, they should just stick with the more natural ways such as leaving it alone.

According to facts, your skin reacts a bit slow with the treatment. This might be the reason why there are people who don’t believe about treatments. Even if your acne came too fast, it will take quite a bit of time to heal itself. This usually takes between six to twelve weeks. Specialists, particularly dermatologists, advise their patients to give the treatment’s results at least for a month. Within this time frame, patients should maintain the treatment until then or continue doing so if they see the first signs of improvement. There are some cases wherein the skin gets irritated in the first few weeks. Some patients drop the treatment and try for another, thinking that their skin is not compatible with the treatment. The reaction is not an infection but rather an inflammation. It will get worse than before until it gets better.

Trying Out Too Many Products

There are people who are not patient enough to wait for the results of a single treatment that they have to buy another. There are also those who think that “layering” one product after another will make the treatment go faster. Mixing one product treatment with another can lead to skin irritation. This is because each product are formulated differently. It will only add further infection and irritation to the skin. There are also cases with people treating acne by themselves. This is not a new case at all. Seeing that mainstream media has been advertising products that claim to treat acne, people just buy these products and try it out themselves without consulting from the professionals. If done wrongly, it will only make the lesions bigger, have a higher chance of developing into a pigment and even heal over time with scars and spots.


Don’t treat your skin like your dishes or laundry – the more you wash them, the cleaner it gets. Your skin is made differently. If you scrub the skin too much or even scrubbing it when there’s acne, it will only worsen its condition. It will compromise the protective barrier of the skin, thus causing irritation.

Rather than scrubbing your skin, apply a gentle wash using a non-irritating cleanser with the right balance of pH in it to avoid leading it to inflammation. It is also important that cleanser is rinsed off properly, since residue can also irritate acne.

Most people think that the cause of acne is dirt, when such is not the case. Acne is not even dirt in the first place, which is why most people tend to over-scrub the skin with acne. If acne was really caused by dirt, you would’ve had a lot of acne on the feet.

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