How to Make Yourself Naturally Beautiful without Makeup

Is that even possible? Of course, it is! The problem that makes women doubt to make them look beautiful without makeup is that they are mostly inundated by the influx of celebrities that are very beautiful wearing makeup on. What’s even more disturbing is that most women reject their own reflection at the thought that they are not beautiful. They believe that makeup is the only method out there that will cover up their flaws.

But dear ladies, all you need is proper discipline in order to achieve a beautiful face even without any makeup on! This is proven, especially when you find some women in your life or even men perhaps, have very beautiful skin that seems like they are wearing makeup when in reality they aren’t. This is because they follow a regimen and stayed stuck with it in order to achieve that beautiful look without every applying makeup. You can even do it, too!

How to Make Yourself Naturally Beautiful without Makeup

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Apply Sunscreen

Talk about the harmful UV rays that the sun emits, yet only quite a few of the teens are aware of what UV rays can do to skin. There’s a reason for those plethora of sun screens sold at stores, and they are not only to be used when you swim at the beach. While you might say that you have not felt anything out of the ordinary or even pain after soaking yourself open under the heat of the sun, its effects is a long term one. It will lose its freshness over time, making it very rough to the touch. A simple walk at the park, even if there is little sunlight present, will add up to the development of wrinkles to your skin.

Before walking out of your home, apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your skin. The best time to apply sunscreen is during the mornings, which will aid in keeping your skin looking young. Skin is your first priority in making you look beautiful without makeup.

Skin Scrub

There are literally thousands of skin scrub products available in the market. It helps exfoliating the skin, which is something that you should do regularly to keep your skin at its topmost condition. You apply this twice a week. Its main purpose is to open up the pores, giving your skin space to breathe. Another reason for skin scrub is that if you fail to rub your skin with it, the lifeless and dead skin on the face will become vague and will lose its shine.

But skin care products can be quite expensive, so why not make your own scrub? Mix baking soda and cold water to an amount that will create a paste-like consistency. Apply this onto skin as your facial scrub and massage it on slowly for fifteen minutes. This is one of the many methods for women that want to look beautiful without makeup. If you wish to get better results, wash your face off with water ten minutes after you have finished massaging your skin with the scrub. Pat your skin dry with towel. Moisturize your skin with an aloe vera mask or coconut oil. You will be amazed of its results.

Avoid Constantly Touching Your Skin

This does not mean that you should never touch your skin. Everyone has this impulse to constantly touch their skin a lot during the day. It is a habit that is quite difficult to stop. This is one of the habits that will make you look beautiful without makeup – without touching your face too much. This will actually cause damage and hurt to the skin on your face, since it is the most susceptible and delicate of all the areas of the skin organ. Whenever you have that urge to rub your eyes, avoid it at all costs. Rubbing your eyes, picking at blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, dark blemishes and many others will pull the skin of your face and the rest of it. This will cause minor tears to the skin which might be unnoticeable at first, but doing so constantly will be visible over time.

How about your tears? It is also a natural habit of wiping them away from your face, but even if they are micro sized, it will still lead to wrinkles. It will gradually destroy the natural freshness of your skin. In other words, keep in mind that touching your face will naturally destroy it.

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