How to Keep Your Underarms Dry Naturally

Having sweaty underarms after going through a strenuous activity is normal. In fact, sweating aids the body in retaining its normal temperature by letting go of those unneeded toxins out of the body. However, every body reacts differently. There are people who sweat a lot even from a simple walk, while there are others who barely sweat at all. Excessive sweating is known with the other name hyperhidrosis. People with hyperhidrosis do not only feel sweaty from their underarms, which is mostly the main concern that people have. It also affect the soles, groin, palms, neck, scalp and forehead. Having hyperhidrosis is not really life threatening. However, it can cause extreme embarrassment as it has the tendency to produce an unlikely odor.

How to Keep Your Underarms Dry Naturally

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The causes of excessive sweating could be one of the following: hormonal changes, diabetes, overweight, climate change like warm temperature, heart failure, anger, heredity, depression, nutritional deficiency, lung diseases, Parkinson’s disease, OTC medications, hyperthyroidism, gout, alcohol abuse, shingles, pregnancy, fever, respiratory problems and many more. The effects of excessive sweating is more likely to produce body odor, but some cases are scaling or cracking of the skin, discoloration, etc. You can ask your doctor for proper medications or methods to use to reduce excessive sweating.

Some doctors will even provide you with a solution that you can do at home. Many home remedies have been proven to be effective in addressing certain problems of the body, especially with excessive sweating.


Lemon has a lot of benefits not only with household chores but also with addressing body odor problems. It is an effective remedy that controls excessive sweating, too. Its citric acid gets rid of the bacteria that produces that foul odor. Lemon comes with a pleasant fragrance, making it a natural deodorant. It is best to use this method during the night, as doing so in the morning and stepping out under the heat of the sun can get your skin irritated.

There are three ways you can make a lemon mixture that aids in reducing excessive sweating.

First is to get 1 lemon and some water. Cut the lemon in two and rub its contents directly to your underarms. Squeeze the lemon lightly to get the juice out while you rub it on the underarms. Leave the lemon juice on your armpits overnight to get the best results before you wash it off in the morning. You use the water to dilute the lemon juice if you have a sensitive skin. Use a wash cloth or cotton ball, dab it in the mixture and apply it on your armpits. You do this method daily. If you prefer not to leave the juice on your underarms overnight, leave it on between fifteen to thirty minutes and wash it afterwards.

Second method is to mix one teaspoon baking soda and one teaspoon lemon juice. Mix these two ingredients in a small bowl. Apply the soft paste directly on your underarms by using a cotton pad. Leave the mixture on between 20 to 30 minutes then wash it with lukewarm water.

This final method of using lemon aids in decelerating the sweat glands from producing sweat. What you need is a tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoons lemon juice and mix these ingredients in a small bowl. Apply mixture on areas that are prone to sweating, including your underarms. Massage the mixture onto affected areas gently for a couple of minutes. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Pat your skin dry and repeat this process regularly.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

You always see apple cider vinegar in any home remedy even if it has nothing to do with sweaty underarms, right? This is because apple cider vinegar comes with an astringent property that aids in controlling sweat. It is also proven to balance the pH levels of your body, especially around the feet or your underarms. It also helps eradicate bacteria that causes skin irritation and body odor.

There are 4 different methods you can use with apple cider vinegar.

This method is addressed to underarm sweating: get some apple cider vinegar and some cotton balls, if you are not comfortable with using your fingers. Apply the vinegar directly to your underarms with using the cotton ball before you sleep at night. This means that you have to leave it on overnight then wash it away with warm water the next morning. You will need to continue this process each night. If you notice some irritation with your skin, dilute the vinegar with little water.

This second method is addressed to people suffering from sweaty feet. What you need is apple cider vinegar, mild soap and warm water. Before you apply the vinegar, wash your feet clean first with mild soap and water. Make sure that your feet is completely dry. Using your fingers or cotton ball, apply the vinegar directly to your feet. Leave it on without washing to completely eradicate the bacteria. Do this process every day.

This process can be used for sweaty underarms, too. Take half a cup of apple cider vinegar and a liter of water. Pour both ingredients in a foot basin and mix it well. Soak in your feet for about twenty minutes. You can also add this mixture to your daily bath. This process should be done daily.

If you are suffering from general sweating, meaning any part of your body, use this mixture: a glass of water and 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. You can also add up honey if you want. Mix water and vinegar well. Add honey as an option and taste it. Stir mixture well and drink it every morning before taking in any other food or beverage. You can also use equal quantities of raw honey and apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons each.

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Final Thoughts

There are more home remedies you can find that works wonders just like the methods mentioned above. However, keep in mind that there are certain ingredients that may not be suitable for your skin. Each ingredient works differently on various skin types. It is important that you try a test spot first and leave the mixture there for twenty four hours if you get any skin irritation.

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