InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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The InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser should be among your top choices. There are several features that are being made available in this device


Nowadays, there are already a lot of individuals who are using essential oil diffusers. They love the scents that come out of these devices. Also, these can be safer alternatives than lighting up scented candles. You might also be planning to purchase an essential oil diffuser for your home or office. In that case, the InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser should be among your top choices. There are several features that are being made available in this device. To know these features, you should continue reading. The pros and cons of utilizing this product will also be provided.
InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

100mL Liquid Capacity

The liquid capacity of this essential oil diffuser is 100mL. This means that its reservoir can hold liquid amounting to 100mL.

7 Colored Lamps and Nightlite

There are seven colored lights that you can choose from. You can choose one light that suits your liking at a certain point in time. You can select a colored lamp that might match your mood. This is typically your personal choice. If you do not want any color at all, then, you can allow the device to be used as a nightlite, instead. The nightlite will be perfect for kids who are afraid of the dark. You can put such item in their bedroom so that there will still be a little illumination while they are asleep.

Auto Shut Off

In most cases, if the water inside the reservoir of an essential oil diffuser runs out, the product will still be operating. Such situation will cause the diffuser to burn out. For this matter, an auto shut off feature has been added to the InnoGear essential oil diffuser. You will not have to worry about the diffuser burning out as it will automatically shut off once it detects that the reservoir is already waterless.

3 Mode Options

There are also three mode options that you can be choosing from. With the first mode, you can opt to have it releasing mist intermittently at intervals of 30 seconds. With the second mode, you can have it releasing mist in a continuous manner. With the third mode, you can just have the lights only and have it not releasing any mist at all.

Long Run Time

This product is also known for its long run time. If it is set to the intermittent mode, it can last up to six hours. If it is on the continuous mode, it can last up to three hours. In this case, you will surely be able to smell the scent that is being diffused from the product within the duration of your sleep.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Extra Long Power Cord

The model also features an extra long power cord. Such power cord measures six feet. In that case, you will definitely not have any problem plugging it into the nearest electrical outlet.


  • Portability – The item has a lightweight property. Because of it being lightweight, it is also portable. You can easily carry the product around or bring it to your office and back home.
  • Silent Operation – The product is also operating in a very silent manner. You will not hear anything that will be disrupting your sleep. In this case, you can sleep comfortably throughout the night.
  • Stylish Design – If you are a person who cares about aesthetics with regards to an item that you will be using, this product is the right fit for you. This model has a stylish design that you will surely find attractive.
  • Easy to Use – Many individuals are happy about how easily they can use the item. You just need to twist off the top so that you can pour a few drops of essential oil into the reservoir.
  • Easy to Clean – This item is also easy to clean. You will just be needing a towel and Q-tips.


  • Status Lights are Too Bright – The status lights that are used to indicate which setting you currently have on your device. However, a number of users will complain about such lights being too bright. Because of that, it may be difficult for such people, especially the elderly, to get to sleep. There is no option for you to adjust the brightness.


Certainly, the features that were presented beforehand are very useful and beneficial to the users. Aside from that, you were also able to know the pros and the cons of using the item. At this point, you should have already weighed down these matters for you to decide whether to proceed with this purchase or not. Ultimately, you will have to make sure that you will be making the right choice when it comes to an essential oil diffuser so that you will be having a comfortable sleep and take advantage of the features of such product.

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