How to Increase Intimacy With the Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only used for aromatherapy. Aside from relaxation and meditation, some people take advantage of the essential oils so that it promotes intimacy between couples. Natural aromatics and essential oils are perfect for sensual activities the couple can share with each other, especially during special events of their lives.

With the essential oils, couples can set a good atmosphere. It helps create a mood that couples love. Increasing intimacy between couples can eventually lead to a strengthened relationship. Never hesitate to use essential oils with the aim of increasing intimacy then. Here are some of the sensual and intimate events when using the essential oils improve the intimacy between the couples.


Dinnertime Oils

Typically, couples eat together during dinnertime. When they have finished a whole day’s work load, setting up the table and talking about how their day went is a way to spend time with each other. Couples will select the food that they like. Of course, if they are trying to set up a sensual mood, they can also choose food that are fun and sensual to eat. Adding essential oils that give off smell or even the taste of avocados, cocoa, strawberries, and raspberries can help increase intimacy during dinnertime.


Snacktime Oils

When leisurely spending snack time with each other, try to prepare a snack plate with bite-size portions of fruits and other nourishing food. These food should generally not require the use of utensils for eating. Food with aromatic scent like grapes, raspberries, and even a drop of vanilla on the salad increases intimacy between couples


Couples usually take a bath together. This is one of the privileges that they have as a couple, after all. For couples who frequently take a bath together, then make it more exciting by using essential oils. Promoting aromatic bathing for couples is another good way of increasing intimacy. Sensual essential oils can be used to have a luxurious and special shared bath.


There are couples who prefer showering over bathing. That does not mean that the essential oils will now be useless since the couples will not share a bath but a shower. That is not the case, though. It should still be possible for couples to enjoy essential oils and natural aroma during a shared shower ritual. Start by turning on the water, allowing it to slowly heat up. After that, sprinkle about three drops of essential oil on the shower’s sides. The essential oil will then disperse as the shower room is already filled with steam. Do take note to pay attention to the surface where the oil will be dropped. Essential oils are substances that are highly concentrated. Some surfaces get damaged with just a few drops of essential oils while others only get stained.


Offering massages to partners can help ease tension and stress. Massages can be used to relax the sore muscles as well. Spontaneously, it may eventually lead to intimacy between couples. To increase the possibility of getting the couples to become more intimate with each other, complementing the massage with essential oils is a perfect idea. The couples may even learn about aromatic massages so that they can apply it when their partner is asking for a massage to. By learning about aromatic massages, the couples can learn more about what essential oils to use when providing a seductive massage to the partner.

Dinnertime, snacktime, bathtime, showertime, and massages – these are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed with the essential oils. With the said oil, couples can have more intimacy between them, ensuring that they bond with each other and strengthen their mutual love. Whether the couples are just in their first year of togetherness or they have been married for several years now, the essential oils are perfect substances to use when couples want to make themselves closer to their partner.

There is a word of caution though when using the essential oils to increase intimacy between couples. Couples should make sure to avoid using essential oils on sensitive parts of the body such as the genitals. It does not matter if the essential oil is already diluted. The essential oil will cause irreversible damages otherwise.

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