How to Improve Your Sagging Breasts the Natural Way

Breasts are really important for women because it is a symbol of their being a woman. When women are younger, they don’t really worry much about their breasts since it is still firm. But we all know that our skin sags when we grow older. The same thing applies for women when they grow older. The breasts start to sag. As much as women want to maintain their firm breasts, it simply won’t happen. It is natural for the breasts to sag over time because the breasts slowly lose their elasticity and suppleness over time. Women normally start getting sagging breasts when they turn forty. But there are instances when this happens much earlier too. It is not just the age of a woman that makes a breast sag. There are other factors as well and these include pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and abrupt weight gain or lose, strenuous exercises, wearing a bra that is not properly fitted and nutritional deficiency. Aside from these factors, certain medical conditions can also affect the firmness of a woman’s breast. Some of these medical conditions include breast cancer and tuberculosis. Too much nicotine, carbonated beverages and alcoholic drinks can also make breasts sag.

Because firm breasts are important for women, many are searching for different ways to correct the problem or keep the issue away for as long as they can. Many resort to lotions and creams while some opt to go for professionals. But if you prefer to avoid breast sagging the natural way, then we have different methods that you might want to try out.

Sagging Breasts the Natural Way

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A natural way to deal with saggy breasts is to make exercise a part of your daily routine. If you want to improve the firmness of your breast, you need to make sure that the kind of exercises that you do should include ones that aim to work out your pectoral muscles and breast tissues in the chest.

Some exercises that can help improve your breast’s firmness include: dumbbell flyes, push-ups, arm raises, chest pulls and chest presses. These are just a few exercises among the many exercises that you can do to improve the firmness of your breasts. But you should be wearing a sports bra or a supportive bra when you exercise.

Ice Massage

Another good way to regain your breasts’ firmness is to do an ice massage. Your tissue will contract because of the cold temperature. As a result, your breasts will seem like they’re lifted and firm. So what you can do is to get two ice cubes. Using circular motions, massage the ice on your breast. You should not exceed a minute at a time for each breast. You will make your breast feel numb if you exceed a minute. Once done, use a towel to dry your breasts and wear a bra that fits you properly. Be in a reclining position for around thirty minutes. You should do this daily with regular intervals.

Olive Oil

Sagging breasts can become firm once more if you massage it with olive oil. Olive oil has a lot of antioxidants. It also contains fatty acids. These two components have the power to reverse whatever damage free radicals have caused and it is also a great way to prevent your breasts from sagging. Aside from that, you will also be improving your skin texture and tone.

Apply some olive oil on your palms and rub your palms together to produce heat. Apply the oil on your breasts and do it in an upward motion. Do the massage gently and keep doing it for around fifteen minutes. This will help with the blood flow circulation and it also stimulates cell repair. This is something that you should do for four to five days a week.

Other oils that you can use include argan, almond, jojoba and avocado oil.

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