Important Points to Know Before Buying Essential Oils

Essential oils are healthier and safer option that homeowners can use to freshen up the home. When you use it with a diffuser, it keeps the body healthy as well as soothes tension. It can relieve stress and energize you. If it is applied to the skin directly, it can provide relieve against inflammation and redness. It can even resolve skin concerns such as acne.

If you plan to add the use of essential oils to your routine, then you have to purchase one. Purchasing one means that you have to know what are necessary factors for a quality essential oil. There are several points that must be remembered before making the purchase. Here are the important points that must be taken into consideration then.


Purity Essential Oils

There are times when the purity of the essential oil refers to how highly concentrated it is. Sometimes, it refers to how many oils are added to a certain essential oil. Though, remember that the word “pure” does not have any legal meaning.


With this factor, you have to be wary of the more expensive oils as there is a higher risk of adulteration. There are some oils that are highly adulterated. Examples of those are the lemon balm, sandalwood, and rose.

Synthetic Fragrances

There are some oils that do not exist in their natural state. This means that they are only made available in their synthetic fragrance form. What this means is that the said oil is combined with different essential oils, synthetics, and absolutes. Example of such oils include linden, frangipani, and honeysuckle.


The essential oils are often graded. If you find lower graded oils, then you are most likely going to be charged at a higher price. A perfect example of a low grade oil sold a a higher price is the Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Chain of Supply

In the fragrance industry, there are numerous levels of suppliers and buyers. If there are more levels involved, then there is a higher risk of adulteration. There are also those large volumes of oils being sold as “pure”, which are technically not. In the aromatherapy world, false advertising is pretty common. If you are buying essential oils, you might want to consider buying directly from the distillery.


Bulking Essential Oil

After distilling the oil, it is necessary to combine it with one or more plant species. It might also be necessary to load plants coming from the same species but are from different harvests. This is a post-distillation process known as bulking. The said post-distillation process is carried out to make the essential oil cheaper. It might also be done to comfort to the set standards of the flavoring or fragrance industry.


There are a lot of oils that are extended nowadays. Distillers often use natural or synthetic solvents to extend these essential oils. Usually, the expensive essential oils are extended with jojoba. For some oils, extending them make them easily pourable. You have to question why the oil is being extended before you make your purchase.


Monoterpenes are substances in the oil that must be removed. This is usually commmon with oils such as citrus. By removing monoterpenes, usually through the process of folding, the oil becomes more desirable, especially to the flavoring industry. The best way to remove the monoterpenes is to redistill it several times.

Redistilled or Rectified

The essential oil can either be rectified or redistilled. Rectifying the essential oil or redistilling it is necessary when removing some natural components. Examples of these natural components that must be removed from the essential oil include furocoumarin and terpene.


There are also those essential oils that are reconstituted. Reconsituting the essential oil is the opposite of redistilling it. If redistilling is the process of removing natural components, reconstituting is the process of adding either natural or synthetic components. Usually, the addition of these chemicals happen after the distillation process is completed.

These are just some of the factors to remember when buying essential oils. You have to make sure these factors are favorable to you. Otherwise, it will not be a good idea for you to buy that essential oil. You better look for another one to purchase.

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