How to Take Care of Popped Pimples

Skincare experts always advise against it – popping your pimples. But it is in a person’s nature to pop those pimples even if they know it’s going to leave scars on their skin. Too late for regrets now if you have already popped a pimple or two. You can always take your issue to your dermatologist, but when that solution is not available for you, there are always ways to take care of them. One of them is to apply a treatment that fight against acne, ones that have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and leave it overnight. A number of people find this useful, but if it doesn’t work, you still have that urge to pop it off. Even if treatment is available, there is something very addicting to popping those pimples, right? As much as possible, make it a practice to avoid popping those pimples.

Take Care of Popped Pimples

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Basics with Popping Your Pimples

Although you heard it a thousand times that it is not recommended to pop those pimples, even coming from experts, these very same experts say that there is a right way to pop those pimples. This is quite a roundabout way to pop those pimples off, but you need patience. You need to cleanse your face first, exfoliate it and then put on a warm compress in order to steam up your skin. This will open up the pores so that popping up those pimples will be easier.

But don’t just use your fingers yet. You need to wrap them with either cotton swaps or tissues and gently squeeze out those pimples. The same way can be done with blackheads, if you are fond of popping them out, too. However, you do a different thing with whiteheads. You need to use a lancet in order to pierce the center carefully. You release the infected part by gently squeezing it. If you do not use these methods, you are deliberately breaking your skin, leaving an injury and will eventually result into a scar. This is something that you do not want to happen to your skin, much less to your face.

There are blind pimples that are quite difficult to pop, but most people force it out. This should be avoided too, since it will definitely leave a bigger scar. Instead, try applying a clay mask in order to draw out its impurities. Eventually you will see the infection out of it and will be able to pop out the pimple.

The Aftercare

Your popping session is done, but it is not over yet. There are still things that you need to do in order to take care of your skin from getting scars. The area where you popped that pimple should be taken care of.

Right after popping the pimple, apply a toner or witch hazel onto the affected area. This kind of method will aid in soothing and calming the area. It will also aid in removing some of its redness.

You should also apply some ice wrapped around a tissue in order to reduce its intensity. This method will help reduce swelling and inflammation.

After applying the ice therapy, prepare an anti-bacterial treatment like the Neosporin. This treatment will help heal the skin and form a protective shield with moisture in order to avoid the area from becoming scaly and dry.

Finally, you should avoid touching the area where you popped your pimples. This is to keep the bacteria from spreading onto other areas and infecting it. If you find it necessary, use a band aid on the affected area.

How to Apply Makeup on Affected Area

Never put on concealer or foundation on the affected area, especially when it is open and broken. You will invite a greater risk of developing a blemish into it. Experts recommend applying the gel spot treatment which forms into a gel-like sheet over the area. This will ensure that the area will not be affected by the application of makeup.

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