How Many Times Shampooing Is Acceptable?

You must have heard from hair gurus, experts or from friends how shampooing can actually give your hair permanent damage. So in the struggle to survive this natural hair race, you also ditch your shampoo so that you can also achieve the natural hair look that these people possess. But over the time you have abandoned shampooing, you can’t help but feel the itch of wanting to wash your hair from all the accumulated dirt in it. It ain’t that easy to ditch something you are used to, especially with the habit of shampooing.

But Is All These Shampooing Talks Really True?

Hair experts, particularly dermatologists will tell you that there is not a single answer to that question, even the point of how often should you really shampoo your hair. You may even need to shampoo your hair as many times as you think is normal. This all boils down to personal preference. There are people who shampoo their hair twice a week maximum, and there are also those who shampoo daily. It also depends on the hair type and styling, too. For normal hair, it is considered best to go a long way without shampooing if they can do it.

Shampooing Hair

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The reason for this is because shampooing daily may often lead to hair that is not desirable for you. It may be hair damage, for one of many reasons.

How Your Regular Shampoo Works

Is there even a special shampoo on sale? This is just to catch your attention. Every shampoo in the market is designed to make your hair feel “clean.” But what shampoo actually does is trapping the natural oils of your hair. The more you shampoo your hair, the drier it gets. Dry hair is susceptible to breakage. The natural oil of your hair callled the sebum. This sebum is giving that natural shiny look to your hair and also protect it from breakage. Your shampoo locks out these sebum out of the hair, then gets rinsed out together with the product residue and some dirt. This is the “clean” feeling you get when your work up on the lather and rinse it out of your hair. Most part, having some dirt on your hair is acceptable. This is true since you want some of the oils to remain on your hair. The oil is there to provide moisturizers and acts as a protection barrier.

There is only a certain group of people that need to have their hairs washed daily with shampoo. Examples are those with very fine hair, those who live in humid places and the ones that engage in a lot of exercise.

Frequency and Signs to Wash Your Hair

So how many times is it needed for you to wash your hair with shampoo? If you have less oil and you have thick hair, the lesser you need to have it applied on your hair. The average person should at least wash their hair every two or three days. There is not a single fixed recommendation to do so. When you feel that your hair is noticeably oily, you itch a lot and that there are flaking because of dirt, those are signs that you need to shampoo.

When It Is Too Long

If you have your hair styled, you can go for a couple of days without shampooing. Listen to your hair stylist’s advice whenever you go for a particular styling. There are certain styling methods that lets you leave your hair without washing for days or even up to a week.

However, before you visit your hair stylist for a brand new look with a couple of styling on the side, always make sure that your hair is super clean as there is the possibility of leaving your hair without washing it for a couple of days. You do not want to keep scratching your hair since you feel it is already too dirty.

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