Hot Remedies for Homemade Cold Sore Remedies

When you want to look your most beautiful, you might have to deal with various growths on your lips or mouth. They might not be large, but they can definitely have a major effect on your overall appearance. A cold sore usually appears on areas around the mouth. It’s actually an infection that contains a herpes virus. People who have  a cold sore often get them again since the virus stays in the body and then sometimes shows itself in the form of a new cold sore. It’s important that a treatment focus on anti-viral medicine that can help to shorten the length of one infection of a cold sore.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune on cold sore medicines sold in supermarkets and drugstores. Besides being expensive another drawback is that they also tend to contain a lot of harsh chemicals that can cause unwanted side-effects. As an alternative you can use a homemade recipe that will help to get rid of the small spots safely and naturally.

Homemade Cold Sore Remedies

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Powerful Petroleum (Jelly)

You could use Vaseline or another type of petroleum jelly. Adding a little to a cold sore can help to treat cold sores effectively. When dealing with them one of the biggest issues is feeling better until it can heal and you’ll start looking your best again. Just dab a small amount of the petroleum jelly onto the sore. You could even combine it with a different topical product. That will help to provide even more relief.

Saying No to Acidic Foods

If you enjoy foods such as tomatoes or citrus fruits you should avoid eating them while you have a cold sore. The reason is that the acidity could aggravate the cold sore and cause pain. That’s definitely a situation you should avoid when dealing with cold sores. These might be some of your favorite foods, but you should try to live without them until your cold sore heals. Keep in mind that if you take the right steps you can get rid of them very quickly, which is definitely a plus.

No Time for the Pain

As with other growths that can appear on the mouth, it’s important to treat the pain so you can also effectively deal with the cold sore and its appearance that will prevent you from looking your best. You can take a basic painkiller such as Advil or aspirin. This will help to reduce the pain and allow you to center on other symptoms of the sore.

Throw out Your Toothbrush

You should take this step when you see the blister forming on your mouth, and also do the same thing after it’s cleared up. The reason is that a toothbrush often carries the cold sore virus. You could actually get a new cold sore by using the same toothbrush that has the virus. While it will cost you some money to replace your toothbrush 1-2 times, it’s definitely worth the hassle in terms of treating the cold sore effectively.

Towel Treatment

When we find home remedies for various beauty treatments, we often think that the most complex ones are the best ones. That’s not unnecessary true. In fact, you can actually treat a cold sore effectively by simply using a towel. It should be cool and damp. Just put it on the cold sores 3 times per day, and let it set for 20 minutes every time you apply the towel. This will help to reduce the swelling and redness of the sores. It’s important to note that you might have to use other remedies to get rid of the stores. However, this is a very basic yet effective one that you should definitely consider using.

Got milk?

Whole milk  can be effective by using a compress on your cold sore. It can help to shorten the healing time, and also help to reduce the pain. The reason is that there are proteins in the milk that are anti-bodies for battling and preventing various types of viruses including herpes. It also contains something called L-lysine that can help to prevent outbreaks.

For this recipe you’ll need cotton pads or cotton balls, ½ cup to 1 cup whole milk, and 1-2 tablespoons extra.

First, soak one cotton ball in about 1 tablespoon milk. Then put it directly onto the cold sore for many minutes. Before you take this step you can let the milk drop to room temperature, or put it on cold. Then use a clean towel that’s been moistened with some water to dab off any milky residue. You can also add a little petroleum jelly.

Vanilla Remedy, Great Results

Vanilla extract is a good type that’s a natural treatment for cold sores. In fact some people argue that it’s a very effective treatment. The reason could be that it’s alcohol-based, so it’s hard for the virus to live. In any case it seems to wipe out the current cold sore and also help to prevent future ones, which are important goals when dealing with the sores.

For this remedy you need pure vanilla extra and one cotton pad or cotton swab. First, soak the cotton swab or pad in vanilla until it’s completely soaked. Put it directly onto the sore. Hold the pad/swab in place for about one minute. Do this 4x every day until you don’t need it anymore.

The Hope of Herbs

Herbal remedies can also help to treat cold sores effectively. For example, you can make a stick of a lip balm that includes herb and lemon. This can help to seal up the cold sore and also provide soothing relief. You could find such balms at a health food store near your home. You can also use an herbal combo that’s known as WTTCGE. This includes a blend of herbs that seems to reduce the time you have to live with a cold sore. That will in turn help it to heal faster and help you to look as beautiful as possible sooner rather than later.

Cold sores can be very tough to deal with and can affect your overall beauty. However, the above-mentioned home remedies can treat them effectively, making the sores and pain go away.

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