Homemade Treatment to Eradicate Dark Skin

There are a number of people that are embarrassed to show their necks because of the dark patches that surrounds it. Although there are those that do not mind showing it, most of them are getting conscious and are wondering why they got it in the first people. This is just one of the common pigmentation disorder of the skin known as acanthosis nigricans. This is not life threatening, neither is it contagious or infectious. The main causes of dark skin around the neck is due to sun exposure and aging. Other minor causes include sudden loss of weight, weight gain, poor hygiene, polycystic ovary syndrome, genetics and diabetes.

Homemade Treatment to Eradicate Dark Skin

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However, the dark area around your neck can be removed with just your natural remedies you can make at home.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is widely used as a remedy for natural beauty, especially with lightening up the skin. It also helps moisturizing it. It aids in reducing different skin spots that makes the overall look of your body uneven. Aloe vera is a rich source of antioxidants and many other compounds that will aid in producing and repairing skin cells.

What you need is an aloe vera gel. You need to extract it out from its leaf. Apply the gel directly onto the neck and massage gently. Leave the gel on for around 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with warm water. Repeat this process once each day to get results that you want quickly.


Almonds are a good source for vitamins that are highly beneficial for the health of your skin. It also has properties that will aid in nourishing the skin and get rid of uneven skin tone. There are different ways to prepare the almonds that is designed to get rid of the dark skin surrounding your neck.

If you want a simple homemade treatment, just create a quick paste from 1/2 teaspoon powdered almonds, mixed with one teaspoon of each honey and milk powder. Mix well until it forms a paste. Apply the mixture onto the back and sides of your neck, leaving it on for thirty minutes then washed off with warm water. Do this remedy for at least 4 times each week.

Another preparation you can make with almonds is by heating almond oil and use it when you massage around your neck. Do this particular procedure for a couple of times in a month as this will improve the blood flow around that area. The oil is also a good source for moisturizer, which will aid in making your skin glowing.

Lastly is by soaking at least 4 almonds into water and set aside for one night. By the next morning, take the almonds out of the water and grind them into a paste-like consistency. Apply paste onto the affected area of the neck and scrub it gently for a couple of minutes. Rinse it all with cold water. Do this procedure for at least once a week.


A simple ingredient added to salad and water, cucumber can also provide an action of lightening up the dark areas of your neck. This is because this particular plant has soothing properties that aids in removing dead skin cells, repairs them and add more glow to your skin.

One of two ways to prepare cucumber is by applying grated cucumber or its juice on the affected area of the neck and scrub it gently for ten minutes. Wash it off with cold or rose water.

Second way to apply cucumber is by mixing equal parts of lemon juice and cucumber juice and applying the mixture onto the neck with the use of cotton balls. Leave the mixture on for ten minutes and rinse it off with water.


Walnuts are a good source for minerals and vitamins that helps nourish your skin. It will also aid in keeping the skin moisturized, another action that is needed to have healthy skin. To make walnuts more effective in removing the dark areas of your neck, a mixture of yogurt and walnuts should be prepared.

Grab some walnuts and crush them. Mix it together with the yogurt in order to create a paste-like consistency. Apply the mixture onto the darkened area and scrub it gently for a couple of minutes. Allow the mixture to dry up. After that, wash it off with rose water or cold water.

If this is applied regularly like at least 2 times per week, this particular remedy will help rejuvenate the skin on the neck and lessen the dark areas surrounding it.

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