Home Remedies for Sunburns

Spending outdoors can be fun, but it can also be painful if it results in sunburns due to UV rays. There are different degrees of burns, but they’re always annoying and/or painful. You could spend a small fortune on creams and lotions to treat the sunburn, but there’s a better way. Several home remedies are not only effective in treating the condition but are also cheaper. Here are some of them:

Home Remedies for Sunburns

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First, use a gauze or cheesecloth to wrap (dry) oatmeal. Then run cool water through the wrap. Toss out the oatmeal and then let the compresses soak in the liquid. Apply the compress every 2-4 hours.

Tea Bags

If your eyelids are burned you can use tea bags. First, soak them in cool water in order to decrease the swelling of the sunburn. It will also help to reduce the pain. The reason this remedy works seems to be the “tannic acid” it contains, which is helpful in reducing the pain of the sunburn.


Add a little water to cornstarch in order to form a paste. Then apply it directly to the sunburn. As with many other home remedies one of the benefits of this one is that you probably have cornstarch in your home, or could purchase it easily at a neighborhood store.

No Soap

This remedy is about what not to use instead of what to use. Soap can cause sunburned skin to become dry and irritated. Make sure not to soak  the skin in soapy water. You should also avoid taking any bubble baths. In the case that you must use soap, use a mild brand, and also make sure that you rinse it totally.

A wise option is to take a cool bath instead of using compresses. You can add more water to keep the water temperature cool. After you’re done, use a clean towel to pay-dry your skin. Make sure not to rub  your skin because it could cause it to become more irritated.


You might be surprised about this one. Lettuce is great with salads, but how can it help sunburns? First boil leaves of lettuce in water. Strain the H20 then let the liquid col for many hours in the fridge. Use cotton balls to dip into the liquid. Then wipe/press them onto the burned skin.


It’s important that you choose plain yogurt without all the added fruit and other flavorings. First, apply the yogurt to all of the sunburned areas on your skin. Then use cool water to rinse it off. Finally, pat-dry the skin.


After you get a sunburn the skin has become inflamed. A compress dipped in various substances can help to provide relief. One of the best options is cold water with a couple of ice cubes added. Dip the cloth into the liquid and then place it over the burn. Follow this step every couple of minutes when the cloth warms, which will usually be up to 10-15 minutes. Follow the process several times daily.

Aluminum acetate is very helpful when the itching is very strong. Mix Domeboro’s packets with water. The aluminum acetate inside the powder prevents the skin from becoming overly dry or itchy.

Finally, a third type of compress to try is witch hazel. Use a cloth to moisten it with witch hazel. It can have anti-inflammatory relief that can last a long time. Apply it very often for short-term relief.

Fat-free milk

Mix 1 cup of fat-free milk and 4 cups of water. The next step is to add a couple of ice cubes. Apply the compress for 15-20 minutes. Make sure to repeat the process every 2-4 hours.

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