Great Home Remedies for Oily Hair

You likely want to look your best from head-to-toe, which includes how your hair looks and feels. That’s why it’s highly advisable to treat it as effectively and as soon as possible. There are many causes of oily hair including genes, stress, hormonal changes, oily foods, and bad hair care. Any and all of these issues can result in oily hair. It can also result in several symptoms including hair that’s heavy or weak, greasy dandruff, and even hair loss. Such possible symptoms stress the importance of treating your hair as effectively as possible. The good news is that there are many home remedies you can use.

Great Home Remedies for Oily Hair

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Drinking to Less Oily Hair

Diluted beer is probably one of the least ingredients you’d probably expect to treat oily hair, but it can be quite effective. The reason is that it can help to remove extra oil in your locks. In fact, it can also help it to look more beautiful. However, it’s always important to make sure the beer is diluted first. You can make the mixture by blending 1 glass of beer with 1 glass of water. You should use your regular shampoo to wash your hair. Then rinse it as normal. The diluted beer should be used in the final rinse. Add the diluted alcohol and let it set for 3-5 minutes. The next step is to rinse the beer/water mixture using plain water. This remedy works because the acid in beer helps to remove extra oil from your hair.

A Wickedly Useful Treatment

You might not have heard of witch hazel oil, but if not you should definitely be aware of it when treating overly oily air. Here’s what you do. Add 4 drops of the oil and then blend it with 2 tablespoons of tap water. Use a cotton ball to add a little of the mixture to your scalp. This treatment will help in reducing the oil in your hair. Do it 3-4 times per week to get good result. If you want to experience the bet results follow the steps every day in order to maximize the effects.

Well-Balanced Diet for Balanced Hair

Another way you can help to avoid oily hair is to eat a healthy diet. There’s a lot of news today that seems to make all fats seem unhealthy. However, it’s important to avoid certain types of fat such as trans-fat. You should certainly avoid foods such fats, and foods that are cooked using unhealthy methods such as deep-fried foods. However, you should also make sure to add enough healthy fats in your diet including nuts, fish, seeds, nuts, and other nutritious foods. It’s also critical to add enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, which should make up about ½ of your diet. Whole grains such as corn, oatmeal, whole wheat bread are also important. If you maintain a healthy diet you’ll be less likely to suffer from oily hair and then have to deal with the condition.

Using Soap for Removing Dirt

The most common use of bath soap is to remove dirt from skin when bathing. However, you might be surprised that it can also be used as a home remedy to get rid of extra oil from your hair. When you’re bathing don’t just wash your skin, but also use it on your scalp. Use your hands to make a thick lather, then let it set for 2 minutes. Finally, wash out the soap totally. If you use this procedure use it one time per week in order to remove extra oil. Make sure not to use it every day as it could be dangerous for your hair in the long term.

Henna: Not Just for Tattoos

You might have heard of the henna plant since it’s often used to make a dye for tattoos. It’s a flowering plant whose name originates from an Arabic word. In fact, the term “henna” not only refers to the plant but also the dye that’s used for skin, fingernails and hair.

Henny in a powder form is an effective ingredient that can help hair to stay smooth and shiny. Another function is that it can help to remove extra oil in your hair. Mix 6 tablespoons of powdered henna with 2 cups of water. Then mix the blend completely until it result in a smooth paste. The next step is to put the paste on your hair and let it set until the paste becomes dry in your hair. The final step is to rinse the hair using lime water, in order to remove excess oil from your hair.

A Sour Fruit for Sweet Results

Lemon juice is another helpful home remedy for treating oily hair. In fact, it’s been proven to be an effective treatment of the condition. First, extract juice from one lemon. Then mix the juice in 1 cup of water, and add 3 teaspoons of honey. Blend this mixture well and allow it to dissolve thoroughly. The next step is to apply the mixture to your hair. Let it set there for 3-4 minutes. The finally step is to wash out the shampoo. If you want to enjoy the best results follow this procedure 3 times per week.

Shampoo at One Time Every Day

It’s important to shampoo your hair at least once daily if you suffer from oily hair. The reason is that it will help keep your hair oil-free, and keep it clean and beautiful. When you shampoo it’s also important for you to rinse your hair thoroughly each time. That will help to prevent residue from being left on your hair. If you do that then it will be more difficult for dirt and oil to stick to your hair.

The shampoo you use is an important issue. Look for ones that are developed for oily hair. Here’s why. Normal hair requires a shampoo with a pH in the range of 4.5 and 6.7. However, if you suffer from oily hair then that range is past the pH range you should look for.

These are some of the most effective ways to treat oily hair. You might even have many of the ingredients in your home already.

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