Five Ways to Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath Naturally

It is embarrassing to have tiny food particles stuck right in between our teeth. But what is even more embarrassing is having people covering their noses or obviously holding in their breath then they talk to you. You got that right. Bad breath has a way of reducing our confidence by a great percentage. Instead of being our usual bubbly self, we choose to keep our mouths shut to prevent the awful smell from escaping our mouth. Bad breath might not be a life and death situation but it is not something that we should just ignore. A lot of people actually suffer from this and it is important that we pay attention to this problem.

Five Ways to Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath Naturally

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Where the awful smell is coming from exactly is not unknown. A bad oral hygiene, dental cavities, coated tongue and gum diseases. Whether we like the thought of it or not, our mouth is actually home to hundreds and hundreds of bacteria. Unfortunately, there are several bacteria that give off a sulfurous smell. There are other causes of bad breath as well including diabetes left out of control, malnutrition and even a dry mouth can cause bad breath. Infections like sinusitis or sore throat, lactose intolerance, intestinal problems and ulcers can also cause bad breath. The food and drinks that you put in your mouth can also affect the smell of your mouth.

If you want to be able to get rid of your bad breath effectively, you need to find out first what is causing it. For example, people with dentures will need to clean their dentures daily before going to sleep so that they will be getting rid of the bacteria that has built up in the dentures during the day. There are different foods that you can munch on and different drinks to sip on which will naturally help you get rid of bad breath.

Green Tea: has polyphenol that can prevent plaque from attaching to your teeth. Some research also show that the bacteria growth can be inhibited by polyphenols. So if you have just had a meal that give off a strong garlic scent, then you should sip on green tea. But if you are not too found of green tea, you can try black tea, spinach, mushrooms and apples.

Fresh vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits that have a high fiber content are great for fighting bad breath. These foods aid in saliva production which washes away the plaque that has built up. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber include apples, carrots and celery. There are veggies and fruits as well that have vitamin C. Some of these include broccoli and red bell pepper. They turn your mouth into an environment that is not hospitable for bacteria. And the best way that you can enjoy the benefits of these veggies and fruits is that if you eat them raw.

Milk: The only times milk can lessen bad breath effectively is when it is taken in during or before the meal. Milk contains fat that is effective in neutralizing the sulfur and water found in milk takes the role the mouth rinse. Go for milk that has more fat which means that you will have better chances of reducing your bad breath if you choose whole milk.

Vodka: If the bacteria in your mouth dies, you are effectively eliminating bad breath and alcohol will help you achieve this. Although there are a lot of drinks out there that contain alcohol, vodka would be a better option since it does not have any aftertaste that will linger in your mouth.

Bread: Did you know that not having enough carbohydrates is actually going to increase your chances of having bad breath? If you want your breath to stay smell better, make sure that you pair a bread slice with your actual meal.

Although bad breath is not a situation that puts as at a great risk, it has a huge effect on how we carry ourselves, how we socialize with others and how we feel about ourselves and our abilities. A fresh smelling breath can greatly boost your confidence. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to take care of your bad breath using natural remedies, make sure to try the options listed above!

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