Five Natural Treatments to Moisturized Skin

It can be quite uncomfortable to have very dry skin. But it is no longer a problem these days as there are a lot of moisturizing products available in different stores. They are regularly advertised as your medicine for dry skin. You need a lot of use of moisturizing products, especially during dry season such as winter. It is best that you load up your inventory of a lot of moisturizing products in order to keep your skin hydrated. But what happens when you run out of your favorite moisturizing product? Just go natural.

Five Natural Treatments to Moisturized Skin

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What is Natural?

There is no fixed answer to the word ‘natural’, especially when it refers to food and external beauty products. But generally, natural means the raw ingredient. A lot of women have been going for the natural method for various reasons. Some say it is healthier this way. Others think it is a cheaper and yet more effective way to make your skin moisturized. The latter seems more reasonable. This is because when you buy a moisturizing product, you are also paying for its marketing and packaging. It is even more expensive if you buy a product advertised by a supermodel since you are also paying for their service. The more it gets worse when beauty product companies try to push more products into the market that are designed for day use, night use, and each for every part of the body. When you buy a set of these beauty products, expect the total cost to rise up than expected. This is how companies work on. Although some of these companies have been able to deliver what they promised, such as moisturized skin, it has left its customers in the dark about what they are really paying for.

The Natural Ingredients

This is not to say that beauty products should totally be ignored. Most of them are effective, but if you have certain health issues that will not allow you to use such products, use these following ingredients instead.

Olive oil – whether you are saving money or just do not have that spare time to buy that amazing moisturizing product, just pick up that olive oil lying in your kitchen. Olive oil is quite an obvious treatment to dry skin since it is oil, after all. But not just any oil will do, which is why this specifically points to such raw ingredient. Olive oil is considered as an amazing natural moisturizer that you can use to soften your dry skin. There are even cases that has proven to re-condition hair that has been ravaged by winter. It also comes with anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe reddish skin, plus many other rashes and skin outbreaks. There are also certain reports that it helps prevent skin cancer.

Natural oils – aside from olive oil, there are other oil sources that may not be found in your kitchen. Some of these are jojoba, almond and grapeseed which you can find at health food stores. They are usually packed inside plain-looking bottles, but their only ingredient is just like it was mentioned. Rather than go with products that have extra ingredients or chemicals for that fact, it is better to go with the only ingredient that is not as expensive like other products do. It also comes with a lot of moisturizing benefits, too.

Edible treatment from the kitchen – do you know that your kitchen has all the ingredients that will make your skin effectively moisturized without spending too much money? Some of these are products based on milk such as cream and yogurt. Honey can also do the trick. When honey is added to tea, the honey turns into an antioxidant and antibacterial component that will boost the immune system. When it is applied to skin, it provides smoothness and softness beyond compare.

Shea butter – you see a lot of this particular ingredient in a lot of moisturizing products. But why go for the usual product when you can just directly with its only ingredient? It has been used a lot in bath soaks, shampoos, hand lotions, body washes and many other beauty products. Shea butter has been already in use back in Ancient Egypt. So despite people knowing this as a recent trend, the use of this ingredient has long been ancient.

Water – combine water to any of the ingredients listed above and you have that amazing effects to your skin. They also say that if you drink lots of water, it will keep your skin hydrated all the time, too. You can also use water when moisture is absent in the air.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much the mainstream media advertises itself to let you use the products they are so proud of, try to stick with the natural ones that are guaranteed to give you that kind of smoothness and softness. It may be tempting to buy those popular skin care products, but you will always look for the natural when things don’t go your way.

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