Essential Oils for Asthma

Nobody really wants to go through about of an asthma attack. Still, there are unfortunate people out there who have to battle the symptoms of this condition on a regular basis. It is inconvenient. It is taxing. This is why finding ways on how to relieve the discomfort and the cough that tends to rock the body whenever an attack occurs is always a good move.

Some people have allergic reactions to a variety of things. There are those that get triggered by stress. Some are trigged by the certain food. There are those that get triggered by allergens that are airborne as well. Allergies tend to trigger histamine production. This then causes the blood vessels to dilate and then causes the airways to get constricted. This is why sufferers of asthma always have to fight an on-going battle where their lungs tend to attempt to get rid of whatever is causing the irritation.

Essential Oils for Asthma

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Essential Oils and Asthma

While there are a number of advances in the medical field when it comes to countering the symptoms of this condition, there may be easier and more accessible and even cheaper ways that asthma can be relieved. For instance, there are essential oils.

These are the fragrant and concentrated liquids that are extracted from leaves, flowers, barks, fruit, and even roots of aromatic plants. They are usually considered as the main ingredient when it comes to treatments concerning aromatherapy. Each of these oils tends to have a unique scent ad has constituents too that are usually very helpful when it comes to treating different conditions. They have different cosmetic and therapeutic uses. So, if you are interested in getting to know which ones will likely help in battling your asthma, digging deeper into what these oils are, what they are for, and what they represent would certainly be a good idea.

Tea Tree Oil

This is an essential oil that so considered being a very effective expectorant, this means that it has the ability to get mucous, which causes coughing and wheezing, expelled from the system. It is so known to help those people suffering from asthma through easing such respiratory issues like bronchitis and cough. The use it for treating the condition, all that needs to be done is get a face cloth dipped in warm water. After the excess water is removed, have a few drops of tea tree oil added to the damp cloth. Breathe through the cloth until such time as it loses its warmth. The process should be repeated few times until such time as you feel alleviation.

Frankincense Oil

This oil is a known expectorant. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well. This is a good oil to use of what you are hoping to achieve is get the congestion in the nasal passages as well as in the lungs removed. This is a usual condition that people suffer from whenever they are attacked with bouts of asthma. The oil is also an excellent nervine. It is able to combat confusion, anxiety, and stress. Since all you need is to get a waft of the scent of the oil, you just need to have a reed diffuser for this purpose. This can also be used to rub and then massage the chest with to help get those congestions relieved.

Eucalyptus Oil

This essential oil is known for its intense scent. It is usually a good choice when it comes to opening up those congested airways in the lungs which cause a person to breathe less easily. This is attributed to the Eucalyptol chemical that is found in the oil. It is attributed to its ability to break up phlegm and mucous to allow the asthma patient to have an easier time breathing. To use the oil, it can be added to warm water, to a steam inhaler, or to a pot with hot water. Just lean over the container and allow yourself to breathe the stem. This is helpful in getting those constricted air passages to expand thus, relaxing those spasms of the lungs.

Be aware that there are many other essential oils that the market has to offer these days that may have the same healing properties as well. What you can do is to check out each of these oils and see which ones will work best for you. The best way to go about the whole thing is to try them one at a time, then, you can observe how you respond to each of these oils and then decide which one made you feel the most relief.

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