Essential Oils for Allergies

Allergies are quite common conditions that a lot of people tend to suffer from, the triggers can vary from one person to the next but one thing is common, though, it is an inconvenient situation for one to be in. people that have been suffering from these allergies all their life are likely to be aware of the many things that will likely trigger them. The most usual symptoms that people tend to suffer from include rashes, eczema, as well as skin conditions. It is always bested that when it comes to allergies, avoiding the trigger is advised. Still, there are cases where in some trigger maybe a little bit of an impossibility to avoid. This is where essential oils are likely going to come in and help.

Essential Oils for Allergies

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What is good with this essential oil is the fact that it has a very pleasant aroma and a very soothing smell as well. The mint is quite helpful in preventing any allergic reaction. Peppermint is also used in the body to treat digestive and respiratory problems. The use of this essential oil is often helpful for one to feel relieved and to breathe easily as well.

This oil can be applied in the morning around the neck. This can be done without one having to worry that it might irritate the skin. A good way to ensure that it isn’t going to irritate your skin is to apply a small amount on a small area first. It can also be applied again at night. If the allergies you are suffering from is causing you to have a hard time breathing properly, then the peppermint oil can use applied with a carrier oil along the area where quite near the nostrils. This is certainly going to offer some instant relief and allow you to really breathe easier.


Just like mint, this is one essential oil that is not only known for being a very helpful tool in battling against allergies, it is one that can be used for people who are having a hard time breathing as well. Enjoying the benefits of this oil is easy. All you need to do is add the essential oil to a carrier oil and have them mixed thoroughly. It is not advised to use to as it is without a carrier oil since it can possibly irritate the skin. The mixture can be applied on the cheapest, the back area, and the neck. One can expect the allergy symptoms to actually be relieved as soon as it is applied.

In addition, it can be possible to inhale its aroma for the relief that it can bring about as well. This is possible by adding to water that is boiling. All you need to do is inhale the steam that is coming from the boiling water that has been added to eucalyptus oil. Be sure to remember though that inhaling it should be done in moderation.


Another essential that really work against allergies is lemon oil. It is quite effective in getting allergies relieved since it happens to have antihistamine properties. The application of lemon oil is usually helpful at getting inflammation reduced especially ones caused by allergies. Mixing lemon with vital oil such as lavender or peppermint is usually a good practice. The mixture can be placed in the mouth or it can be gargled too and then swallowed afterward. This gargle mixture is usually very helpful for relieving allergic symptoms.

It can be applied using a carrier oil and can be rubbed in the different areas of the body, the mixture can be rubbed on the neck, the area near the nostrils, as well as on the back.

It is important to remember though that when using essential oils to relieve allergies, they need to be used in small quantities alone. They usually come with specific direction on their packaging. So, making sure that you follow these directions is always a good idea. This is very important to get the maximum benefits from these oils and at the same time, avoid unwanted side effects.

It is important to use only one essential oil at one point, this is to identify which ones are really going to work best to counter the allergic reactions. Remember that when they are used as directed, these essential oils are going to be truly helpful.

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