Essential Oil Diffuser By Deneve – Riverock Review

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Consider the Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve Riverock, different features are being incorporated into this device which any user will definitely find useful.


Lots of individuals nowadays are already using essential oil diffusers. With a diffuser, the users will be able to smell the scent of different types of essential oils. This item is a safer alternative to a scented candle as the latter may become a reason for a fire to start. If you are also interested in buying an essential oil diffuser of your own, you should consider the Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve Riverock. Different features are being incorporated into this device which any user will definitely find useful. You should also check out the pros and cons of utilizing the product.

Essential Oil Diffuser By Deneve – Riverock Review

Long Run Time

The product can give off mist and scent for as long as four to five hours, provided that the water capacity is at its full level. You will surely be able to breathe in a relaxing aroma within the duration of your sleep or relaxation.

250 Sq. Ft. Coverage

The scent that comes out of the device can travel up to 250 square feet. In this case, if you are within its reach, you will be able to smell such sweet scent. This product will be more suitable any any room inside your own house.

100mL Liquid Capacity

This diffuser is capable of holding 100mL of water. However, that does not include the amount of essential oil that you will be dropping into the reservoir.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The company is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to those customers who will be buying such product. In this case, they are showing their confidence with the item that they are selling. Aside from that, some of the proceeds in selling such stocks will go directly to charitable institutions.

Changing Light Colors

This feature is more on a personal standpoint. You can change the color of the light band to any hue that you want. You might want to change it according to your mood or just whatever you think that you like at that specific moment.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Auto Shut Off

An automatic shut off feature is also available in this model of essential oil diffuser. In this case, the product will automatically shut down once it has detected that the reservoir is already empty. That way, burning out of the product can be prevented and the safety of the users can be ensured.


  • Quiet Operation – This model is designed to operate in a very quiet manner. In this case, you will surely not be hearing any loud noises that could disturb you in your sleep or relaxation.
  • Easy to Use – You can use this item easily. All you need to do is remove the top cover and pour in the required amount of water with the use of a measuring cup that typically comes along with the product package. You can also cycle through different settings just by pressing on certain buttons.
  • Easy to Clean – You can also easily clean this product. You just need to remove the water in a weekly basis and use a vinegar and water solution to perform surface cleaning. However, you need to make sure that you will not be soaking this product into the water to prevent it from incurring any damage, especially the electrical components.
  • Affordable Price – The company has set an affordable price for the essential oil diffuser. In this case, you or any other user can surely make this kind of purchase.
  • Wide Coverage – Because of the distance that the scent can reach when it has been diffused from the product, it sure can fill the room with a relaxing aroma. This will be ideal for the bedroom as well as the living room.
  • Scent Diffused Quickly – It only takes the product a few moments to be able to release the scent into the air. In no time, you can enjoy the relaxing scent that you are looking for.


  • Style – The company says that the shape of the product is patterned after a river rock. However, most users would say that it looks like a big egg.
  • Corrosion – There are some people who have complained about the heating metal inside the item being corroded only after using the product for only a couple of days.
  • No Knob on Top Cover – It might be a little difficult for the users to lift and remove the top cover since there is no knob on it.


Definitely, this diffuser will be a good one for you, thanks to the numerous useful features that it can offer to any user. Prior to making your purchase, the pros and cons should have already been weighed down so that regrets can be avoided in the future.

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