Effective Home Remedies for Stained Teeth

Even if you brush your teeth regularly and use other methods such as  floss and mouthwash for good oral hygiene, you might still have problems with stained teeth before dental checkups. This can be a tough situation if you want your appearance to be as beautiful as possible when you smile. However, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a big fortune to treat the condition. In fact, there are some basic yet effective treatments you can use to solve the problem. This will help to ensure that your teeth justify the term “pearly whites.”

Effective Home Remedies for Stained Teeth

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A Berry Good Option

Strawberries are one effective way to treat yellow teeth due to the high Vitamin C content of the berries. First, grind a couple of strawberries to make a paste. Then gently rub the paste onto your teeth. If you follow this procedure 1two times every day the yellow color on your teeth will disappear after a couple of weeks.

You can also mix strawberry bulb with ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Then spread the blend onto your teeth. Let it set for a couple of minutes. Then rinse and brush as usual.

Baking up Whiter Teeth

When people think of baking soda they usually think of it as a means of keeping refrigerators smelling fresh and other applications for homes. However, baking soda can also be a very effective way of treating yellow teeth. It helps to get rid of plaque and make your teeth shine. There are various ways you can use it. You can dilute baking soda and then brush your teeth gently for 2 or more minutes.

Another method of suing baking soda to clean teeth is by adding it with other ingredients such as cane vinegar, lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide. This is an alternative to using ¼ teaspoon of the soda for making a toothpaste. Regardless of which version you use, you should brush your teeth with the mixture either 1 or 2 times per week.

You can even use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1.5 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a mouthwash. Add it to 1 cup of water (cold). Use the mouthwash to rinse your teeth 2-3 times per day.

Branching out to Clean Teeth

Margosa plants are excellent for helping to make your teeth whiter and healthier. The regular usage of oil from margosa can help to prevent cavities from forming in your teeth. You can also use margosa twigs to make a toothbrush for cleaning tooth. Another option is to chew branches of margosa in order to remove discoloring that’s made your teeth turn yellow. Another option is to mix oil from margosa with your standard toothpaste. Then brush teeth as you regularly do.

An Apple a Day

You’re probably aware that eating one apple every day can provide major benefits just like the old saying tell us. However, you might not be aware that an apple that’s crunchy can actually work like a toothbrush of sorts, which in turn can make your teeth whiter. It’s advisable to eat 1 or 2 apples every day. That can help to remove yellow stains that have built up on your teeth. Make sure to eat the apple completely so the acid in the fruit and its high fiber content can get a chance to get into the surface of your teeth. You can use other foods to provide the same effect, including carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers.

Charcoal: Not Just for BBQs

Charcoal is often used for BBQs but can also provide many health benefits for yellow teeth. It has a powerful chemical that’s crystal-based, which can help to make teeth whiter. First, mix a little charcoal powder with your everyday toothpaste. Then brush all your teeth gently. Follow this procedure two times every day in order to make your teeth as white as possible. In the case that you don’t have charcoal in your home, you can use ashes from bread that’s burned, or rosemary that’s burnt. Both items can help to make your teeth less yellow and stained.

Basil for Out of This World Teeth

You can use holy basil to help make your teeth whiter than they are now. Holy basil leaves have properties that can help to make your teeth whiter. They can also help to protect your teeth various issues, including an advanced type of periodontal disease. First, add a couple leaves of the holy basil into the sun. Let it sit for a couple hours. Then after the leaves of dried, grind them up into a powder. Then mix the powder with the toothpaste you use every day, then brush your teeth.

Another way to use holy basil is to make a paste using the holy basil leaves. Also add some mustard oil to the blend before you apply it to your teeth to clean then.

Adding Flavor to Teeth Cleaning

Table salt isn’t just for making your food taste better. It’s been used for eons and is very basic yet effective in treating teeth. It works by adding back minerals that have been lost, and also helps to given a boost to the teeth’s natural white color.

Instead of using toothpaste every morning you can use everyday salt. Another choice is to mix table salt with charcoal, then brush your teeth as you normally do. Yet another option is blend table salt with some baking soda. Then rub the mixture gently onto your teeth.

Orange You Glad You Can Get Whiter Teeth?

Orange peels aren’t just for adding flavor to certain dishes. You can also use it to clean your teeth regularly. It will help to make your teeth less yellow. Every night before you go to bed rub a piece of orange peel over the outside of your teeth. The Vitamin C and also the calcium in the peel will help to battle microorganisms as you sleep . Follow this procedure for a couple of weeks in order to start seeing results.

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