Effective Home Remedies for Pale Lips

If you want to look as lovely as possible, you likely want your mouth and lips to look their best as well. That’s why it’s important to deal with pale lips as soon as possible if you suffer from the condition. That will help you to look your best as soon as possible.

It’s important to keep in mind that pale lips aren’t really a major issue. It’s often a sign of a particular illness. Some causes include iron deficiency, heart/lunch illnesses, and thyroid conditions. It should be noted that if your lips are pale it often is accompanied with the entire body being paler. It’s most common in the lips’ lining and in the entire face.

The good news is that there are many home remedies that can help your lips to look their normal red color. Besides being effective, many of them are inexpensive and often require ingredients that you already have in your home, which is another plus.

Effective Home Remedies for Pale Lips

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Sugar and Oil of Your Choice

While there are many types of home remedy treatments to make your lips redder, this paste includes an option for the second ingredient. The good news is that you probably have at least one of the options in your kitchen cupboards already. Here’s what you have to do. Mix up 1 tablespoon sugar with either coconut oil, olive oil, or cocoa butter. Then use this mixture to brush your lips for 30 seconds. The final step is to wash off the mixture.  You might be surprised that this treatment works, but it certainly can. Besides that, the 3 options for the second ingredient means that you likely won’t have to go to the supermarket to get what you need.

An Exotic Fruit and Everyday Drink                   

For many regions of the world, the pomegranate fruit must be imported, and thus tends to be somewhat expensive. However, the fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and can definitely help to treat pale lips effectively.

Here’s what to do. First, crush up the pomegranate seeds, and blend in a little milk cream. Adding this remedy you can make at home on a regular basis will help lips to become redder as well as fuller. A major benefit of this treatment is that there’s no side-effects. That’s often the case when using commercial products that contain strong chemicals. While such products can certainly be effective, they can also cause various problems due to the chemicals.

Remember to Not Do Certain Things

If you want to enjoy redder lips it’s important to avoid certain actions that will likely contribute to the chance of your lips becoming paler. For example, you should try to quit smoking tobacco immediately if you’re doing that. In terms of lipstick, avoid using too much lipstick or using it for a very long time. Speaking of lipstick, make sure to clean off all lipstick before you go to sleep, so your lips can breathe and recover from the chemicals contained in lipstick.

A Workout…for Lips?

What does exercising have to do with your lips? Exercising is something you should arguably be doing anyway since it provides many benefits for your body and mind. However, keep in mind that giving your lips a workout of sorts can help to add color. That’s because it improve blood circulation. Dip a cotton swap into some sugar water then rub your lips gently. This will boost blood circulation and also remove dead skin on the outer layer. Next, add one layer of honey to your lips in order to moisturize them and make them smooth.

Keep It Simple

Two things that you should do regularly are very easy and basic, yet very effective a well. You should regularly clean your lips as well as exfoliate them in order to remove dead skin cells. This will help to prevent them from getting dry, flaky, or cracked. These are basic steps and it might seem obvious to mention that they’re important for maintaining red lips. On the other hand, if you don’t do the two basic actions you could suffer from various problems including pale lips.

Whistle While You Work (or Play)

Can you believe that whistling can help to treat pink lips? Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just whistle, but instead whistle as loudly as you are able to. The reason is that taking this step adds pressure to your lips. The result is that the muscles will be stronger, and in turn the blood circulation in your lips will increase. That in turn will help to lips to become redder because the blood will be flowing better. This treatment might seem odd at first, but if you think about science behind it, it certainly makes sense as is a remedy you should try.

Red Lips are Moisturized Lips

One of the biggest issues in terms of pink/pale lips is that they lack moisturizer. If your lips have a small amount of oil called sebum then you must add more moisturizer in order for them to be pinker and healthier. This is especially true if you’re going outside on a cold and windy day. Make sure to add a little lip balm or petroleum jell. Meanwhile, if you’re staying indoors you could add some coco butter. Using one of these ingredients will help your lips to stay pink and soft, which is definitely a sign of healthy lips.

Sweet Results from a Basic Ingredient 

If you’re suffering from pink lips one of the best treatments is honey. You might be surprised at the result this natural ingredient can provide. It can help to provide instant results. Besides helping to add more color to your lips it can also help your lips to look plumper. The reason is that it can be used as a moisturizing substance. Adding honey to your lips every day can help to keep your lips moisturized.

If your lips are too pink/pale, then you can use many effective home remedies to treat them effectively. This will help to make you look and feel better, which is definitely a good thing.

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