Eco Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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Eco Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is offering you with a number of features that you can use.


Most homeowners want to breathe fresh and scented air whenever they are at home. In this manner, they can feel more relaxed. For this matter, many homeowners are purchasing and using essential oil diffusers. These diffusers are far safer to use than scented candles. If you are looking for an essential oil diffuser that you can use at your own home or probably inside your office, then, you might want to consider the Eco Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. This product is offering you with a number of features that you can use. You should read further in order to know the pros and cons of using such item.

Eco Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Review

300mL Liquid Capacity

Most of the essential oil diffusers nowadays have liquid capacities of 100mL up to 120mL. This product is capable of handling a quantity of liquid up to 300mL.

12 Light Settings

This model also features 12 light settings. This is typically ideal for any bedroom in your house because you can adjust the setting to make sure that you are comfortable when you are sleeping or relaxing. You can be choosing from a variety of colors of light that are available for this model. If you do not want any light while you sleep, you can just turn the switch off and it will still be emitting mist without emitting any light.

Auto Shut Off

There is also an auto shut off feature that is incorporated in the design of this device. With this specific feature, the essential oil diffuser will automatically turn itself off once the reservoir has no more water in it. In this case, a burnt out item can be avoided. As a result, your safety can be ensured. You will be having peace of mind while you are sleeping.

Eco Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

1 Year Limited Warranty

The company is offering a one year limited warranty to each essential oil diffuser that a customer will be buying. With such warranty, they are providing an assurance to the buyer that their product is of good quality. If the product has defects within such warranty period, you can opt to have it replaced or have the cost of your purchase refunded.


  • Durability – This product is known for its durability. This means that it has a long product lifespan. However, such lifespan can still be improved if you or the user will be properly using it and properly maintaining it.
  • Soft Beeps on Buttons – If you will be pressing on the buttons to change the settings or turn the device on or off, you will only be getting soft beeps. Unlike other models that give off loud beeps when the buttons are pressed, this model will surely not wake anyone up, especially babies and little children who are sleeping.
  • Low Humming Noise – You will be hearing a low humming noise that will be coming out from this essential oil diffuser once you use it. Such noise will not be disturbing you from your sleep or relaxation.
  • Easy to Use and Clean – This product is also easy to use. You will just need to be twisting the top lid in order to open up the reservoir where you will be pouring a certain quantity of liquid. In addition, you can also clean the item easily.
  • Portability – This product can be moved from one place to another. If you want to, you can also be bring this to any hotel room that you will be staying in during a road trip or a business trip.


  • Pricey – This model of diffuser is a bit expensive. It costs a lot of money so it may not be affordable for an average buyer. However, many individuals will say that the price is compensated by the number of features that can be taken advantage of by the user.
  • Erroneous Instruction Manual – When a buyer uses a product for the first time, the first thing that he refers to is the manual so that he can follow the instructions on how to use it. However, the manual that comes along with this type of diffuser has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. In this case, the manual needs to be edited.


If you will be making this type of purchase, you will surely be able to start taking advantage of the numerous features that are incorporated in this essential oil diffuser. However, you have to remember that all of the pros and cons of using such product should be weighed down first before you will be making your decisions with regards to such purchase. This way, you will not be having any future regrets with regards to the choice which you are about to make.

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