How to Deal With Skin Abrasions

Another common skin problem that most people experience is abrasion. Skin abrasion is a skin wound, but not deeper enough than the epidermis layer. This occurs when your skin suddenly gets into contact into a rough surface. This will cause the skin’s upper layer to rub off. There are other cases where it is caused by an allergic reaction or insect bite. The affected skin looks like it has worn or torn off. Other symptoms include bleeding at the affected area, oozing of fluid, pain, swelling, redness, itching, burning sensation or tenderness. There are also mild abrasions but it does not leave a scar. Deeper abrasions leave scars instead. The areas commonly affected by abrasions are the thinner ones such as those on the elbows, ankles and knees. Age-wise, children are the ones that are likely to get abrasions than the adults.

How to Deal With Skin Abrasions

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Treating abrasions is easy. There are several home-made treatments designed for mild abrasions. However, if abrasions do not alleviate, seems painful and still swollen after 15 days, that’s a sign to look for medical attention. Abrasions typically heal between five to ten days, but it depends on how severe the wound is. Although they are generally not that serious, they must be treated immediately and the right way to prevent infection.

Cleaning Abrasions

Before anything else, it is important to clean the abrasions first. It’s purpose is to facilitate healing. This will take away all debris and dirt and also make sure to commit to optimal healing.

The affected area should be washed with cool water and antiseptic soap. After washing, pat dry on the affected area gently with clean cloth. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly and coat over the affected area. You can also use a moisturizing lotion or any antiseptic cream in order to keep it moisturized. After that, cover it with a sterile bandage or dressing. You will need to change the dressing as often as possible. The best is to change it at least once every day.

3 Natural Ingredients for Treatments

Honey – this also help facilitate quick healing on the abraded skin. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic elements are very effective in treating wounds and even prevent it from getting infected. It will also help lessen the case of scarring. Just use pure honey on the affected area then wrap a bandage over it. Leave it on for an hour, remove the bandage afterwards and wash the area with water. Use this method for at least 3 times each day for a couple of days.

Aloe Vera – another effective natural ingredient is the aloe vera, which treats the skin abrasions because of its skin-repairing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It even makes your skin moisturized and enhance its healing. Cut up an aloe vera leaf and take out its inner gel. Apply it directly on the affected area. Leave the gel alone on the skin for a couple of minutes. Repeat this process at least twice daily up until the wound heals.

Coconut oil – this also helps treat the abrasions due to its similar properties found in aloe vera and and honey. It also has healing and moisturizing elements, too. When coconut oil is applied directly on affected area, it turns into a protective thin layer that will guard the skin against dust, viruses and bacteria. It also aids in speeding up the process of healing by repairing the damaged tissue of the skin. Acquire some extra-virgin coconut oil and slather it on the affected skin. Leave it on the skin for it to get absorbed. There is no need to rinse this off. Repeat this process three times a day until you see the abraded skin completely healed.

More Common Ingredients to Look Out For

Other ingredients that share similar properties and results as of above are calendula, turmeric, indian lilac and plantain. Check them out if the above ingredients is absent from your reach. Make sure that you follow the suggested instructions above in order to get the desired results.

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