Damaged Hair – How People Unknowingly Do It

You got to love those hair commercials. Although you know most of them are rendered by computer editing programs, you do know that there are people who have naturally beautiful hair. You must be thinking how these people have maintained their hair through hair salons regularly. It must have cost a lot of money, too. You can’t help but think that only wealthy people can have perfectly beautiful hair, but little do you realize that you can achieve something celebrity-level-like hair. How to do it? It is the way you treat your hair.

Take a look at your hair carefully in front of the mirror. You’ve been fussing about how much you have spent a lot to make your hair look like that of a celebrity, yet it seems after a few days from the salon, your hair is no longer the same way those celebrity looks. Where could you have gone wrong?

Dermatologists share their expertise by telling people that the hair is very much like a fiber or wool in which it is bundled up together and protected by a single layer called the cuticle. Every hair strand keeps three layers. Aside from the outer layer cuticle, it has the inner fibers and the cortex that surrounds it. The cuticle is the one responsible for protecting the more sensitive layers within.

Damaged Hair

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The cycle of the hair starts with its growth of ¼ an inch every month out of the hair follicle. The cycle will continue this way for around 6 years. When that limit has reached, this hair will fall out and a new one will emerge. How long this will continue depends on the growing cycle each person has. There are certain cycles that only lasts for two year rather than six. However, this cycle depends on various things, especially when it comes to styling your hair. The more you apply styling, the more changes are done to the natural design your hair is made. Overstyling can be the prime source of damaging the cuticle of the hair, which can cause dryness, the lack of static and luster.

What Causes Hair Damage?

  • Bleaching: The process of bleaching penetrates the hair’s cuticle with chemicals that will take out its natural pigment. You think coloring your hair is like applying paint to a wall? This is like doing science – forcefully changing its structure. Because its natural makeup is destroyed, it will become more open to damage. Once bleaching is done, it has altered the hair’s strength – it gets weaker. The more damages you do when you add blow dry and more styling on top of the bleaching done.
  • Coloring and highlights: Just how different is bleaching from this one? They do not cause the same level of damage that bleaching does, but they still come with its own consequences. They also alter the hair’s inner structure, which causes dryness and lackluster. This is especially true when you do this to hide gray hair.
  • Perming: This refers to chemical curling or straightening. The process involves in this breaking the hair’s inner bonds and the reforming it back in a different way. Just like how bleaching weakens your hair, this particular styling weakens the hair, too.
  • Blow drying and flat iron: You can’t get enough out of these tools because whenever you use them, it always seem to look like it brings a natural look to your hair. Think again, heat actually changes temporarily the hydrogen that bonds up your hair together. These temporary changes, in due time, can lead to permanent damage, especially when you use these tools daily.
  • Braids and ponytails: The pulling of your hair in order to keep it in its place can actually damage your hair permanently.
  • Over-brushing: Avoid this as much as possible. Did you happen to hear a hundred brush strokes can make your hair look full and shiny? This can actually cause breakage and and split ends. It doesn’t even help when you use cheap hair brushes.

The Solution

When you can’t help styling your hair, always put on a product first that will protect the cuticles of your hair. Have you noticed hair experts putting something on your hair first before blow-drying or using the flat iron? They are doing this to protect your hair. But when the damage has already been dealt, you can cut the losses and start all over again. Your hair is growing new ones, after all.

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