Cool Remedies to Treat Sunburns

One thing that you really want to avoid is sunburn. However, there are those who do not mind getting sunburned at all. This is because there are people who love to get suntanned in order to achieve a tanned look. Those who get suntanned have no idea that the changes of their skin color is actually the result of damaged skin cells. But the damaged dealt by tanning booths are far more dangerous than sun exposure. Yet this doesn’t change the fact that tanning is risky to your skin. The reason why the color of your skin changes from sun tanning is due to the increase production of skin pigment. It happens because it is attempting to protect your skin from getting damaged. Most of those who are exposed too much to the sun suffer from premature aging, wrinkles, age spots and even skin cancer.

Cool Remedies to Treat Sunburns

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This does not mean to say that sunburns are resulted from tanning. Those who are exposed to the sun are risking themselves to sunburns, even if the sun’s rays do not make it through cloudy days. This is why there are people who find it very unpleasant after being exposed to the sun for too long when the sun’s rays never made it out of the clouds. The sun’s UV rays still gets through and are not visible to the eye. But there are certain situations when you can’t help it being exposed to the sun. The good news is, you can treat sunburns if you do get one. And you can do these treatments at the comfort of your home.

Cool Water

The first and widely used remedy to treat sunburn or any other situations that causes inflamed skin is cool water. This will help in reducing the swelling of the skin by eradicating the heat from the burned area. Along this process it aids in relieving the pain associated with it. However, cool water does not mean you have to use chilled or cold water. Water that is too cold will constrict the blood vessels which results to the reduction of blood flow. This is not very productive to the treatment you are looking for. There are several ways you can use cool water without directly constricting the blood vessels yet still treat your sunburns.

First is by using a cool compress. Prepare a wash cloth and soak it up in cool water. Never use iced water, cold water or ice packs with soaking the cloth. Put the wet cloth directly on sunburned areas and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Put the cloth back again in the cool water, squeeze out the excess and apply it repeatedly on sunburned areas. Do this method for at least fifteen minutes at max. This is to be repeated several times in a day.

There are areas on your body that can’t be reached with cool compress. If you have a cool bathwater to soak in, you should do this for 15 minutes at maximum. Never use batch soap and never exceed 15 minutes in the bath tub as this will lead to dry and itchy skin. You can also take a shower if you do not like soaking.

Lastly, drinking cool water will also help alleviate the pain dealt from sunburns. Another effect of sunburn is your body becoming dehydrated. Just drink a lot of water at intervals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective and fastest remedies to treat sunburn. It acts as an astringent when applied directly on affected areas. The astringent acts up on constricting or shrinking the body tissues. It will also lessen the inflammation dealt by sunburn. This vinegar also balances the pH levels of the skin and enhances healing. If you have a mild sunburn, you only need to apply it one or two times per day. If it is a severe sunburn, you may need to apply the apple cider vinegar over time.

Soak one clean washcloth in the vinegar. Apply the cloth to the affected area of your body. The stinging sensation is a normal reaction, but you will feel relieved after that. Leave the cloth on the affected area for a few minutes. When the skin gets dry after the application, apply some moisturizer. You can use coconut oil for moisturizing it. Coconut oil is also considered as another remedy for sunburn.

If you want to soak your whole body, you can add a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bath tub filled with water. Soak in it but make sure you don’t soak into it too much to avoid dry and itchy skin.

You can also mix up equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and store it inside a spray bottle. Spray it onto sunburned area for a several times in a day.

Avoid using the mixture or the vinegar itself on areas with open wounds or cuts.


It is best that you avoid exposing yourself under the heat of the sun, even if you think it is harmless from your first try. If it can’t be helped that you are going to expose yourself to the sun, apply some sunscreen before you go out of your house. You can also try to look for homemade sunblock if you do not have one in your home.

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