Common Factors Affecting the Pricing of Essential Oils

Essential oils are substances derived from plant’s leaves, oils, bark, or roots. They are either distilled with steam or water. The making of the essential oil will take up a lot of ingredients. Moreover, it takes some time to manufacture the essential oil.

If you are buying essential oils, you might find that there is a huge difference in the pricing between companies. Those people who are shopping for essential oils for the first time, it can be really intimidating to see the difference in the cost. They might even get discouraged from buying essential oils because it can be overwhelming to choose which one to have.

Essential Oils

In some cases, there are buyers who are new to essential oils who simply pick the company which offers the cheapest price. There are also cases when they choose the company recommended by their friends simply because they claim that this company is the only one selling high quality oils. While it may good to use their claims as reference, never make a purchase without further research.

Take note that the cheapest oils do not necessarily offer the same value therapeutically as those bought from sellers who invest more cost and care into distilling, storing, and shipping their oils. These are the companies that you can trust. They can give you the high quality oil that you need.

If there is a huge difference in the cost and pricing of certain essential oils, you might want to know why that is the case. There are different factors affecting the pricing and costs of essential oils. Here are some of them:

Botanical Species

Botanical Species

There are numerous botanical species where essential oils can be extracted. Common ones are lavender, cinnamon, chamomile, and eucalyptus. The price vary according to what botanical species used in the essential oil. The rare botanical species can also increase the cost you have to pay for the essential oil. If the botanical species are common, then you can expect the price to be lower as the plant can be easily acquired.

Plant Part Used for Extraction

Oil extracted from the bark of the tree will differ in therapeutic properties, safety precaution, and aroma compared to the oil extracted the tree’s leaves. Consider cinnamon. The bark oil extract and leaf oil extract may be derived from one plant. However, the bark oil extract will be more expensive than the leaf oil extract. After all, the bark oil extract is more preferred by the public, though the bark oil extract may have a higher risk of skin sensitization.

Certified vs Conventional Organic

There are oils that are extracted from crops that are certified organic. These are the crops that meet the standards and requirements for the organic certification. Oil extracted from crops that are organically grown are more costly than the oil extracted from plants grown through non-organic or conventional methods.

Extraction Method

Most of the essential oils in the market are distilled through steaming. However, there are other essential oils that are cold pressed. On the other hand, there are also oil that are extracted as both steam distilled or as solvent extract absolute. The cost vary greatly according to the extraction method used for the plants.

Cost of Growing and Harvesting Plants

There are some plants that are actually more expensive to grow and harvest. For example, essential oils that are from botanicals that require the hand picking harvesting method will require manpower. That would definitely increase the cost of the essential oil extracted from the said botanical. Moreover, the more the growers meticulously grow their crops, then more costs are added to the pricing of the final product.

Label and Packaging

The company needs to pay for the labels and bottles. Every detail in the design of the bottle and label can actually affect the costing of the essential oil. It can increase or decrease the cost.

Overhead Cost

A number of overhead costs affect the overall final pricing of the essential oil product. Examples of these overhead costs include rent, mortgage, utilities, staff payroll, website maintenance, product testing, marketing, and other important costs. Though they are not necessarily involved in the making of the product, they are essential to the operations of the company. These costs will be considered when deciding on the pricing of the essential oil.

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