Clearing Your Skin From Acne with Different Home Remedies

It is common for people to overlook the importance of having a good skin care routine. The only time we realize that we don’t have good skin care routines is when we start having problems with our skin like acne, blemishes and dark spots. We all know that the largest organ of our body is our skin. It is very useful in protecting you from different things like UV radiation. It protects your inner organs as well from the outside environment. Our skin is there for a lot of good reasons like making sure that we do not get infections, keeping our body temperature stable and containing the different nerve endings that we have. You do not need to spend a lot of money for your skin care remedy. There are things that you can do for your skin to prevent it from getting acne. What are these different home remedies to help you keep your skin acne free?

Clearing Your Skin From Acne with Different Home Remedies

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Cleanser made out of grapes

Yes, that’s right. Grapes is a good cleanser for your skin and what’s great is that it is all natural. Just take a few grapes out of your refrigerator. Cut the grapes into halves and gently rub it on your neck and face. Once done, you can rinse it with cool water.

Cucumber Face Mask

Whoever said that you had to buy faces masks from pharmacies and groceries? You don’t need to head out of the house. Instead make your own face mask to help you avoid getting acne. Get a small piece of cucumber and measure one cup of oatmeal. Put these two ingredients in the blender and blend them together to make a paste. Take a teaspoon of the paste and combine it with a teaspoon of yogurt. Apply your mixture on your face and allow it to sit  for the next thirty minutes.

Strawberry Face Packs

To make this, you need to have three to four strawberries and two tablespoonfuls of yogurt. Start making this face pack by mashing the strawberries. Once done, mix the yogurt with the mashed strawberries and blend it well until it turns into a smooth paste. Spread the paste on your neck and your face and allow it to stay right there for the next twenty minutes. When time is up, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with water.

If you want to get the best results from this routine, do this three times a week. It’s a good way to free your skin from blemishes because strawberries contain a lot of Vitamin C and antioxidants. And what’s even better is the bleaching capability that strawberries have can greatly lighten any spots that you have on your skin and it gets rid of blemishes as well.

Potato Slices

Yes, potatoes are not just for potato chips, french fries and hash browns. You can actually use potato slices as part of your beauty regimen. What can a potato do for your skin? Enzymes with bleaching properties can be found in potatoes. So if you want to erase spots, discolorations and  blemishes from your skin then a potato is all you need.

What’s great about this routine is that you do not need to do much mixing and grinding. All you need to do is to cut the potatoes into round slices. Put a slice on your face and rub it in a circular pattern. Continue rubbing for five minutes then use cold water to wash the area. Do this on a daily basis if you want to get the best results.

Turmeric Paste

Look for your turmeric powder because you’ll need that for this. Measure two tablespoonfuls of this powder and combine it with water. Continue adding water until you create a thick paste. Spread the paste on your face. Allow it to settle for five minutes and then wash it off using cold water.  Continue using turmeric paste until such time that the pimple marks and other skin spots have been visibly reduced. Make sure that you apply this on your face once a day.

Why does turmeric paste work? Turmeric itself is an antiseptic. Because of this, minor wounds and cuts are treated with turmeric. Aside from being an antiseptic, turmeric also has the power to make your skin lighter that it can help you get rid of the unwanted spots.

Aloe Veragel

If you have aloe vera lying around your garden, it is time to put that into good use because aloe vera can do wonders for your skin. Just like turmeric, aloe vera also has antiseptic properties. It is being widely used as a moisturizer and like all the other plants/fruits that have been mentioned so far, it also has the power to remove or lighten spots and blemishes. Be warned though that some skin types cannot tolerate aloe vera so do a patch test prior to starting this routine.

Take a leaf of aloe vera and take out the outer green covering that it has, as well as the thorny sides. Dice the gel into tiny pieces. You can either choose to grind it until it turns into pulp or place the cubes on your skin directly and gently rub it.

Do not wait for pimples, acne, blemishes, dark spots and other skin problems to appear before you start taking good care of your skin. Preventing this skin problems from happening by taking care of your skin will save you from all the worries and hassle of finding the right way to treat your skin problems. And you do no need to temporarily lose your confidence either because of a huge zit right in the middle of your face. Do what you can now to pamper your skin.

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